Sewing in 2014

Happy New Year! The three of us caught influenza just a few days before new year so we didn’t do anything special this year. We are better now and hopefully next week we can go out and enjoy the holiday. Except for my husband who has to go back to work. Boo!

Anyway, here’s a compilation of all the sewing I did in 2014. I love doing this every year so I can see what kind of things that I should make more, make less, or stop making.

For myself: Surprisingly only two dresses! They didn’t get much wear either so maybe I don’t really need more dresses in my life at the moment. Everything else got worn quite often, and my favorites are the Burda military jacket and wool coat.
Lola woven pants Plantain top and Sara leggings Floral bomber jacket Kate dress

Issy top and Elle pants Summer concert tee Cyd top and Wallis pants Bellatrix blazer

Coco cat topRunning belt Tara top Striped Jorna dress

Plaid shirt and denim skirt Scout tee and Anima pants Scout tee and Anima pants Coppélia cardi

SJ tee and Sandra jeans Ensis tee Oversized cardigan  Bronte top

Wool coat Wyome boyfriend jeans Military jacket

Linden sweatshirt Linden sweatshirt


Lingerie: I love and wear all of them! Except for those tights. It turned out that the back seaming really bothers me because I always try to make sure that they are straight all the time, which is impossible. Too bad, because those tights are really nice to look at.

I started to learn drafting my own bra and panties from a book, and have been really enjoying it. The last two sets that I made were self-drafted. Making lingerie is still one of my favorite thing!

Bronze bra and panties set Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Rose hip tights Rose hip tights Rose hip tights Rose hip tights

Fuchsia and black set Colorful dotty bra set

Soft bra set (Merckwaerdigh BHS10) White bra set

Print mesh bra set


For Sidra: Two pairs of pants and a couple T-shirts – both in stripes. As he is growing, Sidra no longer wants unnecessary details on his clothes and prefers them to be as practical as possible. Which is not very challenging to sew for me. ‘What? No more colors and cute characters??’

It is okay though, he is becoming a man with his own taste and style. I will learn to know more about what he wants to wear. He really likes those jeans though, so I can make him another pair this year.

Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants Small Fry Skinny jeans


For my husband: Speaking of jeans, this is what I made for my husband. I really enjoyed making those jeans, all the details are very fun to make. Again, this is all about what I like and not what he likes. Of course my husband will wear anything that I make for him, but he doesn’t actually care about a specific kind of denim. He wears these jeans all the time, but he just needs any pants that look good and are comfortable to wear.

This year I want to learn to know more about what he really wants to wear, and I will make them if they are interesting to me.

Men's jeans FOP07Men's jeans FOP07 Men's jeans FOP07





For Fuwawa: Do dogs need clothes? They don’t care about fashion and they already have fur to protect them. I agree that dogs don’t care about fashion, but some dogs do need clothes! Fuwawa has very thin and wispy hair that you can see her pink skin. She also has some health problems that gets worse when the weather changes. I notice that she doesn’t shiver as much when she’s wearing clothes. Of course, dog clothes are fun to make, a good way to use up leftovers, and they are just soooo cute!

Fur bolero Dog raglan shirt Dog turtleneck T-shirt Dog T-shirt Dog T-shirt Dog overall

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  • m. nobu

    Hi Novita, Your sewing sense is wonderful. Very beautiful and stylish dresses you made and for your pet too.
    Lovely carry on.

  • Chie

    I’m impressed of how many you’ve made last year! Those dog clothes are so so cute!

  • Amanda Adams

    Wow! You have been on a making roll! Here’s to a fabulous and happy 2015!

  • You made some many awesome things – I want your wardrobe!! Happy New Year!

  • It’s so nice to see all these garments again! You are so skilled and so stylish! Can’t wait to see what you make this year!

  • I forgot about your cat lingerie set! I want one just like it! Happy new year 🙂

  • Kyle

    OMG that pink dog coat! how fun is that???

    I love your military jacket the best out of all the things you made this year!!

  • You make the coolest things. I really love that military jacket. Happy new year!

  • Great year! And I love following your impeccable construction! Good luck in 2015!

  • lisa g

    I’m always in love with your projects! I love that you make practical clothes with great details and some of the best stitching around. Happy new year!