Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Here Kitty Kitty set #2 Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Merckwaerdigh BHS 10

Here Kitty Kitty set #2

The kittens are back! You might remember my first set with this cat fabric here, which coincidentally is almost exactly one year ago. I still had enough fabric for another set and have been waiting for the right idea.

This time the pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHS10 that contains a mix of 5 different bras, including soft bra, racerback bra, soft lace bra, underwired bra, and padded (foam lined) bra. I made the foam padded ones.

Nothing much to say about this set except that they’re a bit ridiculous, somewhat creepy, and so fabulous!

Here Kitty Kitty set #2 Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Here Kitty Kitty set #2 Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Here Kitty Kitty set #2 Here Kitty Kitty set #2

Bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHS10 size 30D.
Panties pattern are  bra and panties patterns are Merckwaerdigh MIX30 and Merckwaerdigh Mix25.

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  • These are brilliant, so much fun. The cats are kind of creepy, but in a really cool way!

    I’ve never made a bra, however I’ve thought about it a lot. Would you recommend this pattern and buying a set of the lace/fabric etc for a lingerie beginner? I can sew, just haven’t made bras before.

    • Merckwaerdigh instructions are pretty brief so I don’t really recommend their pattern for beginners. I recommed the Classic bra pattern by Pin-Up Girls. I used this pattern for my first bra, the instructions are excellent.
      This is their website, and they also have an etsy shop. I also suggest to look up Bra-making sew along at Cloth Habit for lots of tips and tutorials 🙂

      • Thank you so much! Those links are great.

        Would it be worthwhile to buy one of the Merckwaerdigh kits, regardless of the pattern used?

        • their kits are great! It has everything you need so it really saves time 🙂

  • Uni

    What a wonderful fabric pattern! And your lingerie set is amazing. I admire your works.

  • What wonderful and disturbing pants!

  • Angela W.

    These are the most hilarious and awesome things ever!

  • Cat-a-rific undies! Every since your first set of kitty lingerie I’ve been hunting (unsuccessfully thus far) for similar fabric to make myself some. I’m absolutely delighted by your new undies and just adore the juxtaposition of the fabric’s silly print and your exquisite construction. 😀

  • Love these!

  • Brandy

    Beautiful craftsmanship as always but those eyes, so many eyes! 🙂

  • These are fabulous – a little unusual, but fabulous! Great work.

  • Oh, I love them! Where did you originally find that fabric?

    • I bought them in Okadaya, a fabric store in Shinjuku