Selvedge men’s jeans: in progress

Muslin for my husband

I’m making another jeans for my husband! This time I want to make him a pair of selvedge jeans using jeans kit that I bought from Citron Jeans. Selvedge jeans has straight outseam that utilizes the selvedge of the fabric. The denim fabric used usually has contrasting color of warp on both edges.

I have made him several jeans for my husband before using Pumila pattern and Kwik Sew 3504. Unfortunately they are not for selvedge jeans. Maybe I should take the opportunity to learn more about drafting a proper selvedge jeans but hey there’s an easier way! So I ordered this jeans pattern from a Japanese pattern shop, Full of Pattern.

Since I didn’t want to just cut into my precious selvedge denim, I made a proper muslin for the jeans. Here they are waiting for my husband to try them on. I’m quite excited with this project and want to take it really slow this time. I love making jeans, it is a big project each time. Not just about the sewing, the topstitching, the rivets, the stitching details, every step is exhilarating!


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