Recycled denim jacket

While shopping online, I impulsively bought myself a huge tiger embroidery patch (does it often happen to you too?). It arrived a couple of weeks later, and the patch is just as beautiful as the photo. However I didn’t have any clothing item that would provide enough space for this patch. So I made one!

I used Maisa denim jacket pattern by Named Clothing, a classic button-down denim jacket with collar. This pattern is often recommended for jacket made of recycled denim pants.

The fabrics are from a couple of my husband’s pants that I made in 2013 and 2014. Two pants are just almost enough for the jacket, I had to use some remnant denim for the button facing and hem band.

The tiger patch has heat-activated bond so it can be simply ironed to the back of the jacket. In my experience, the bond is not strong enough and patches often got peeled off the fabric after several wears. To avoid this, I stitched around the patch to strengthen it.

The original pattern doesn’t have side pockets, which felt awkward when I wear the jacket. So I added a couple of pockets, and also shortened the front pockets.

I’m glad I added the side pockets! It’s great when you don’t know what to do with your hands. In these pictures, I wear the jacket with Wyome Boyfriend jeans, also by Named Clothing, that I made four years ago.

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