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Sports bra and leggings (and a birthday)

The knee-length yoga leggings that I made last July are one of the most-worn item that I’ve ever made. But since the weather got cold, I have gone back to wearing my old store-bought leggings. I suppose it is time to make another leggings! I have been learning more about sewing workout wear through Sew and Draft Your Own Personal 7 Piece Workout Wear Collection course that was sent to me by Burdastyle. In one of the lessons, Meg Healy (the instructor) teaches how to develop the basic leggings sloper pattern into a pair of leggings with crotch gusset. The gusset is drafted in […]

Feeling loved

Today is my 43rd birthday! My husband came to the bedroom this morning with my favorite cheesecake and candles. Here’ a picture of me blowing the candles while trying to keep Fuwawa away from the cake. Sidra was still half asleep! Sidra and my husband then gave me their presents, and each has a story about their presents. A couple of days ago, Sidra told me that he left something at school and had to get back to retrieve it. He went for a bit longer time than usual, but I thought that maybe he met his friends at school and played for a while. […]

10 years

Sidra is ten years old today. Here he is blowing his candles and does a happy dance over the presents. This year, the kids at Sidra’s grade celebrate their tenth year of life at school. Parents and kids were asked to write a letter to each other and exchanged them at the school event. Here is Sidra’s letter to us: Translation (by my husband): “For Papa, thank you for buying me game that day, I’m so happy. Also for always making me happy. I am proud of you, you’re always doing your best working. Thank you. For Mama, thank you […]

Blew the candles

Weekend, October 2012

Last weekend we celebrated my husband’s 42nd birthday! I made him a jacket with hood (will be posted later) the day before and Sidra made him a drawing. It was a nice and quiet day just the way we love it. We biked in the morning to the lake in the neighborhood, bought oden (Japanese winter dish) in the convenience store and had breakfast by the lake. I still can’t believe that I live in such a close proximity to a lake! Then we went to a nearby Italian restaurant for pizza and pasta lunch. Sidra loves celebration so of course […]

Life begins today

On my tenth birthday, I decided that I wanted to die before the age of forty. Yeah I was a strange little girl, I drew a tomb with my name on it and ravens flying over it. My mother was not amused when she found the drawing. At that time, forty seemed so far away, so unimaginable. Everywhere I looked around, there were unhappy 40 years old people. Adults seemed so unhappy. I felt unhappy enough as a ten years old, why would I want another 30 years stretch of unhappiness? But what did a ten years old girl know […]

Birthday pants

Yesterday was my husband’s 41st birthday! We made a little celebration in the morning, blowing candles and eating ice cream cake. Sidra gave my husband a handmade card with his own drawing on it and a little gift.