10 years

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Sidra is ten years old today. Here he is blowing his candles and does a happy dance over the presents.

This year, the kids at Sidra’s grade celebrate their tenth year of life at school. Parents and kids were asked to write a letter to each other and exchanged them at the school event.

Here is Sidra’s letter to us:


Translation (by my husband):
“For Papa, thank you for buying me game that day, I’m so happy. Also for always making me happy. I am proud of you, you’re always doing your best working. Thank you.
For Mama, thank you for always making snacks and clothes. Several months ago you made me a Michael Jackson jacket, it is much more wonderful than Machida’s jacket which is ¥25,000. I want to show the jacket to everyone.”

PS: Machida is his classmate (⌒▽⌒)

My husband and I wrote separate letters for Sidra. I wrote in English and my husband worked hard to translate it in Japanese. I kept the original one in the other side of this letter so Sidra can read it one day when he’s able to read English. Here’s the simple translation by my husband.


And here’s the original one that I wrote in English:
“Dear Sidra,
Your name Sidra means the star
because you are the star that came into my sky 10 years ago.
Thank you for bringing hope and smile into my world.
Thank you for being you.

Please keep being you.
Because you already have a good heart and you will grow up to be a good man.
Be whatever you wish to be.
Make yourself and people around you happy,
just like what you have been doing for ten years.

Sometimes life won’t be so good.
Sometimes you will get your heart broken.
But remember that you will always be my star.
And that you have at least made one person happy for the rest of her life.”

Sidra told me that when my husband and I die, he will read our letters everyday (T_T)

Happy birthday my star.

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