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SewNews Dec 2010/Jan 2011
As seen in Sew News magazine!

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages on my birthday post! I’m sorry if I couldn’t reply to all, but I read all the messages and they brought a warm feeling to my heart. Sidra was not feeling well and he didn’t go to school, while my husband was working at home, so all of us just stay at home today. But there were so many messages and best wishes from everybody from all over the world! Internet is wonderful and scary at the same time, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s now time for a birthday giveaway! I love doing this! Do you recognize these organizer wallets? They were featured in Sew News magazine, December 2010/January 2011 issue. Here’s an online version of the tutorial in Sew News website. These wallets were sent back to me after Sew News magazine finished taking pictures of them, and they arrived just in time for my birthday giveaway!

Organizer wallets
Organizer wallets giveaway!

The men’s version (the black one with white cars) has been snatched by my husband, so I have the other 4 wallets available:

Organizer wallets

  1. Grey fabric with special delivery stamps pattern. Cotton with newspaper print for the inside. Cotton twill tie closure and wristlet strap.
  2. Turquoise flowers. Purplish double-gauze cotton for the inside. Magnetic closure and wristlet strap.
  3. Green fabric with wreath pattern. Purple and white stripes double-gauze cotton on the inside. Button and elastic closure and wristlet strap. Small brown doily detail on the outside.
  4. For kids! Wonky houses and roads. Dotted cream fabric on the inside. Magnetic closure and shoulder strap.

All outer fabrics are quality Japanese linen. The wallets measured 23×15 cm when closed and 23×30 cm when opened. More pictures of the wallets in my flickr album.

This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere. To enter, just leave a comment telling me which wallet that you prefer. To make it more interesting than a ‘pick me! pick me!’ comment, I would love to hear about your birthday and age-related story/opinion!

Please make sure that you fill the email column correctly so I can contact you (the email won’t be published). I will select four winners at random and announce the names on Monday, December 13.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating!


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  • Mueee

    Happy Birthday Novita! (*^_^)

    I would love to win the green one! (*^_^)

    As I get older, birthdays are usually spent with my husband and kids with a simple cake.

  • I would choose the green one, as green is my middle name- just like purple is yours!

    Well,I sure hope my story is relevant to your request. It’s about my birthday present, the one given by my husband ( then my boyfriend ). It’s a lovely rose-gold, Titus steel watch, with diamonds on the dial. I love it to the max! The colour is my absolute favourite since Rolex’s rose-gold watches. Back when I got it, those kinds of rose-gold watches are very hard to find in Malaysia, it was not a common colour for a watch I think. Everyone is ooh-ing and aah-ing at it, and thought of it as very very expensive. Well, indeed, since my husband saved up his salary to buy me a watch that he promised for my birthday.

    That watch is truly my most treasured possession. Two weeks ago, during an outstation trip,I lost the watch at a mosque.

    That was a dark day for me. How do I tell my husband that I just lost the birthday present he was so painstakingly saved up for? Oh, it was horrible! But I did manage to tell him eventually, and he was upset to say the least.

    I felt betrayed and sad, because how could someone steal a watch in a holy place? And worse- wear them? This made me very angry, but a colleague told me rather than wish for bad things for the thief, why don’t we pray for their best, and hope they gain something good out of our prized possession.

    And so I did, and it was like a closure for me. In these two weeks I have learned not to sulk over the lost watch and carry on wearing another.

    I thought I have to start saving to buy myself a new watch, equivalent of the one I’ve lost. But God works in wonderous ways.

    A few days ago, I had to go for another work trip again, and a colleague who knew about the lost watch suggested for us to go to the mosque and try our luck. So we went there, but I was not hoping to find my watch again.

    We asked the imam there whether he knew anything about my watch, and out he came with a few watches people left at the mosque. But none were mine. He asked for us to stay, for the second imam will be arriving shortly for Maghrib prayer. So we did, although we were tired and longing to make a move ( we have yet to arrive to our destination!).

    The second imam finally arrive at the break of dusk, and when he got off from his motorcycle, he asked us whether we have lost a watch, and showed us a watch he took from his small bag.

    And there it was- an answer for my prayers. My watch.

    Moral of the story= care for the gifts people give you, for when they are taken away from you, you would be dearly sorry for yourself and for the kind person who gave it to you.

    p/s: Hope this is not too long a story for you to read Novita!

  • Constanze

    The green one is soooo cute! 🙂

    Hmm, birthday story. Maybe it’s not that special but we have had the same birthday tradition since forever. My birthday is on November, 10th and as you can guess here in Sweden it’s pretty cold and dark in November. As a kid my mum used to wake me up in the morning, singing a birthday song with hugs and kisses. When I got out of bed the living room was always lit with candles and there was this “birthday table” were cards and presents were gathered. The candles made it look magical as the rest of the room was totally dark at 6.30 am. Nowadays my boyfriend tries to make the same as I told him how much I like this tradition. This year my mum arranged this videoconference in the morning so that she could be with me (she lives in Germany now.) So sweet of her! And there we sat in our pyjamas at 6.30 am having birthday cake in candle light and shared stories and I opened my packages with all my dear ones around me even if half of them were in another country. 🙂

  • Tried to edit but it won’t let me. I’d love to win the grey instead of the blue!

  • My birthday is actually tomorrow, the 12th and it would be nice to break my giveaway curse by winning something this close to the date. I love the navy one with the cars because buying a car is becoming a necessity after resisting the idea for so long, I admit!

  • Carmen

    Oh, I can’t choose just one, they’re all beautiful! I think, if I had to choose, it would be the green one. (Or the one for kids) (Or the green one) (God, is so hard to choose).
    Well, I’ll choose the green one, is not fair to want the kids wallet when it’s meant to make a kid happy. (It’s going to make a beautiful kid happy somewhere).
    How was your birthday? You know, my group of friends and I had a “tradition” this year that implied making a “surprise” birthday party to each one of us. Mine was in April 29th, and it was a Sushi-themed party. We all sat on the floor, ate sushi, ramen, and drank jasmine tea. (It was so fun, I love my girl-friends :))
    We had also a Hans Christian-Andersen birthday party for one of my friends (we dressed up like fairy-tales characters and read children stories); a vegetarian picnic, an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party… All the parties were beautiful, and each birthday girl were really happy. The most important thing, I guess, was the fact of being together, with our little “choosen family”.
    I just love birthdays.

  • Jeanine

    Happy birthday! I like them all, but if I had to choose, the grey stamps one. I was born in June and when I was a kid, sometimes I would get sad because I never had classroom parties for my birthday since it was during the summer. I don’t know what the heck I was thinking, cuz I would always get to have pool parties and swim the whole day away! Silly!