My new baby!

Babylock BL-75 and Janome Equle CP 4850

So one day, Yoshimi noticed that one of her friends was looking for someone who would take her old serger. Being such a nice person who always remembers her other friends, she messaged me rightaway to ask whether I want that serger.

Would I want that serger? Why, of course I want!!

Babylock BL-75
Babylock BL-75

That was how I got acquainted with Noriko, the owner of the serger. We emailed each other, with Yoshimi translating for both of us, about the serger. Noriko advised me to send the serger to a repair shop first because it had some minor noise problem.

She even recommended a good repair shop: Tetetta. Since I had no idea about where to find a repair shop in my area, this was a tremendous help. Noriko would send the serger to the repair shop and the shop would then send the serger to me. How convenient!

I was ready to ask my husband (who speaks and write Japanese) to communicate with the repair shop, but Noriko kindly took over and dealt all the communications to make everything easier. All I should do was just sending the fee to the shop and waiting for the serger to arrive.

Babylock BL-75
All the cute dials

So not only I got a serger for free (with only a small check-up fee), but the owner of the serger also took all the trouble to make sure that the serger was in prime condition before it got to me. And language was never a problem because dear Yoshimi was always there to translate everything. I was speechless by all these kindness. What have I done to deserve all of this??

Not more than two days later, the serger arrived. The delivery guy might be wondering why my eyes got all misty when signing the receipt.

I opened it with delight and browsed through everything. Here’s the manual, all in Japanese! Good thing that it has lots of diagram so I can try decoding what it means. Anyway, I love manuals. I really do. Whenever I got a new thing with manuals, I would curled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea on the side, reading the manual (if I can read it) or browsing through the diagrams and feeling very happy about it. Reading manuals is one of small happy moments in my life.

Babylock BL-75 manual Babylock BL-75 manual Babylock BL-75 manual Babylock BL-75 manual

The serger model is Babylock BL-75, you can go here to see what it can do (in Japanese). Actually the description page is for BL-77 but BL-75 is similar). This model is only available in Japan but I think it is quite similar to Babylock Imagine.

Babylock BL-75
Babylock Jet-air threading system

I was ready with tweezers for threading the serger. I used to sew with my mother’s serger years ago in Indonesia. It was one of those green, hardcore China-made serger with complicated threading. But after I looked at the manual, this Babylock has what is called ‘Jet-Air Threading’ system. All I should do is just push the lever and the machine will do all those complicated thing! I put down my tweezers and said hooray for modern technology!

Babylock BL-75

With different threading and needle placement variation, this serger can be used to finish raw edges and stitch and finish raw edges at the same time. It also has chainstitch and coverstitch function, I’m so excited! Coverstitch is usually used for hems on kintwear. It shows as two or three rows of stitching on the outside and one row of overlock stitch on the inside. Chainstitch is similar but it only has one row of stitching on the outside.

I made a dress with jersey fabric in my stash to try out all those functions. I only used my sewing machine to sew the darts and zipper, the rest was done with the Babylock. Check out all those overlock stitches! It was a clean and fast sewing. I will post about the finished dress later.

Splotches dress (Vogue 1285) Splotches dress (Vogue 1285) Splotches dress (Vogue 1285) Splotches dress (Vogue 1285)

This is such a special machine, from a special lady, coming to my hands with the help of a special friend. I feel very special that I can be the next person who uses it. Thank you so much, Noriko! Arigatou gozaimashita! \(^_^)/

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