Boxy pouches for sewing session

Aren’t these pouches so pretty?

But these are not made by me. Today we had another sewing session at my friend’s house as they wanted to learn making these boxy pouches. I’m always a bit nervous about teaching something to people, I’m afraid my explanations wouldn’t be clear enough or they wouldn’t understand. These friends of mine don’t even speak English (only one of the three can), but then I guess we didn’t really need to talk much. Let’s just cut and sew those fabrics.
Anyway, I really love their fabric choices, the pink one with ice creams have very sweet colourful floral pattern lining (which I’ve forgotten to take pictures of).  The handles are cotton webbing with lace sewn on it, and the zipper pulls are a piece of pink lace (for the pink ice cream) and cotton twill tape (for the purple floral); eliminating the need to sew fabric handles and tabs. The hardest part was sewing the zipper, but after that everything went smoothly. They finished it in about 2 hours (with lots of chatting in between), so I think we’ve all made it! I’m so happy! \(^.^)/

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