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Shop update and my progress on the Burdastyle Book project

I’ve just finished putting all my stuff in the shop! Please check it out and if you’re a petite, there might be something for you there! :: SHOP :: You see that stripes fabric on the picture? The colors remind me of peanut butter and strawberry jam! The fabric is shantung silk that Burdastyle sent me for the Burdastyle Book project. It’s a bit different from what I have in mind, but I think the texture and colours are very pretty. I’ve never worked with this kind of fabric, so I kinda feel excited and nervous at the same time. […]

Happy birthday to me and a giveaway! – CLOSED

I was given the name Novita because I was born in the month of November. Actually I was born on the last day of November, so tomorrow is my birthday and it’s a perfect reason to make another giveaway! \(^.^)/ The winner will get a package of these prizes: 1. a zippered pencil pouch in Echino by Etsuko Furuya fabric 2. a matching mini wallet in Echino by Etsuko Furuya fabric 3. a pair of these cute Matryoshkas. 4. a set of Matryoshka 2010 sticker calendar. 5. a surprise original watercolour drawing from my dear husband (^.^) Here’s what you […]

Colorful small things

A few days ago I went to Cottonfield, a fabric store in Kichijoji, and found this pretty fabric. I’m sure that this Echino prints by Etsuko Furuya is quite famous already. The fabric featured retro-inspired airplane images, stripes and polka dot patterns in pretty colours combined together . I turned the fabric into into several mini wallets and a zippered pencil pouch for the shop. Actually there were two pouches, but I had to keep one of them for my colored pens. And this one is mine ^.^

Etsy front pages and other thing

I just found out that my madras dress and one of these reversible bags were featured in different Etsy front pages a few days ago. There they are, first one on second row and first one on third row! They are my first Etsy front pages, ans since I don’t update my shop too often, I’m pretty happy that some of my stuffs made it to the front page. The screen captures are from the flickr group: Etsy Front Pagers- Treasury Screenshots which have screen captures of most all Etsy front pages. On another note, Sidra said that he wanted […]

Two batik dresses

I had a bit of irritation in my eyes from contact lenses and doctor told me to give my eyes some rest and not wearing contacts for at least two week. Yaiks! I’m so used to wearing contact lenses that I wear them all day, so I don’t have a proper eyeglasses for my minus 3 eyes. The only eyeglasses I have is not very comfortable and I can’t get a new prescription until my eyes are okay. Oh, well. Anyway, I still managed to finish these two dresses for the shop. Although I worked slower than usual because my […]

Three dresses

These are the three dresses that I’ve finished almost a month ago (gasp!) . I’ve been very lazy after the vacation and keep postponing to take some pictures. They are actually in the same pattern as this madras dress that I’ve made a couple of months ago. Two of them are made of Sevenberry cotton in ochre bird print and turquoise elephant print, and one is made of another madras fabric. The summer vacation is over and Sidra has started going to school again. Now I had the chance to take some pictures and uploaded them here and to my […]

Dropped crotch sunsuit #2

After wearing my elephant print romper in several occasions, I grew to like it very much. So I decided to make another one for my shop. As nehmah from burdastyle have suggested, I call this ‘sunsuit’ instead of ‘romper’. Sunsuit sounds adorable! This time I’m using Sevenberry cotton fabric with ochre bird and leaves print on it. I make the straps detachable for easier wear, and then I found out that this means that this sunsuit can also be worn as pants! I’m actually very nervous about making clothes for other people. When I make clothes for myself, or my […]

Reversible bag winner!

It’s time to pick the winner of my reversible bag giveaway. I used random.org to pick a random winner and the winner is Karencilla from Little Sweet Hearts! Congratulation, Karen! Please send me your shipping address at verypurpleperson@gmail.com so I can send your bag immediately. Hope you will love it! Thank you so much to everyone for participating in my first giveaway!

My first Etsy sale!

It’s only been 3 days since I opened the etsy shop, so I didn’t really expect anything going on. But yesterday I got an email from etsy notifying that I’ve just got a bag sold! Somebody actually want to buy them! Really? I just couldn’t stop smiling all day. And I’m still not sure how to package the bag and everything. Oh my, I should have been more prepared. Finally I decided to put the bag in a simple tote bag made from some reclaimed fabric (woohoo making another bag!) . Does it look like a pillow?My nice husband made […]

Reversible bags giveaway! – CLOSED

With so many things that I made recently, I think I need to let go some of them to keep the house liveable. So I decided to open an etsy shop! I don’t want to go to overboard with this shop, so I won’t be building a collection or something like that. I will only make things that I like and put them up for sale when I like it. It’s not that I’m not serious about the shop, but I don’t want to loose the excitement of creating stuffs. And well, sometimes I can get so lazy and that […]