Etsy front pages and other thing

I just found out that my madras dress and one of these reversible bags were featured in different Etsy front pages a few days ago. There they are, first one on second row and first one on third row! They are my first Etsy front pages, ans since I don’t update my shop too often, I’m pretty happy that some of my stuffs made it to the front page.

The screen captures are from the flickr group: Etsy Front Pagers- Treasury Screenshots which have screen captures of most all Etsy front pages.

Gojira (Godzilla)On another note, Sidra said that he wanted to sell stuffs too like mama. So I put up a special corner in my shop for small prints of his drawings. As long as he’s happy doing it, and I think he can also learn some things from the activity.
And he just had one print sold! The original drawing was done in crayons, the title is ‘Gojira’ ( ゴジラ), that’s how they say ‘Godzilla’ in Japan.
Sidra was very happy when I told him the news. He put his signature on the back of the print in pencil (in Japanese letters), just like a real artist. Then he started to plan about what he’s going to do with his seven dollars earnings (^.^)

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  • Zegami

    That is wonderful! My son would love to sell his origami on Etsy as well. He already sells to friends and teachers at his school and apparently is doing much better than I am.
    Congrats Sidra!

  • Becky

    i have found your blog and adore it and need to make all your dresses – but for a an american girl with big boobs – i'm hoping it translates. love, love, love. thanks for letting me have a peek at your life. becky

  • Jennifer @ The Craft House

    Aww! Congratulations to Sidra for his very first sale of his artwork!

    And congrats to you for being featured twice on Etsy's front page, that is awesome! 🙂

  • lunatepetal

    I saw you(the dress) on the front page!

    and I had been wondering how to put the front page pic on a blog. so that's good to know!

    p.s. Sidra is so cute! I am sure he'll be a successful artist 🙂

  • verypurpleperson

    Thank you Chie!

  • vivatveritas

    congrats! you can check where you were featured in etsy here: