Etsy front pages and other thing

I just found out that my madras dress and one of these reversible bags were featured in different Etsy front pages a few days ago. There they are, first one on second row and first one on third row! They are my first Etsy front pages, ans since I don’t update my shop too often, I’m pretty happy that some of my stuffs made it to the front page.

The screen captures are from the flickr group: Etsy Front Pagers- Treasury Screenshots which have screen captures of most all Etsy front pages.

Gojira (Godzilla)On another note, Sidra said that he wanted to sell stuffs too like mama. So I put up a special corner in my shop for small prints of his drawings. As long as he’s happy doing it, and I think he can also learn some things from the activity.
And he just had one print sold! The original drawing was done in crayons, the title is ‘Gojira’ ( ゴジラ), that’s how they say ‘Godzilla’ in Japan.
Sidra was very happy when I told him the news. He put his signature on the back of the print in pencil (in Japanese letters), just like a real artist. Then he started to plan about what he’s going to do with his seven dollars earnings (^.^)

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