ima made zuuto zuuto arigatou gozaimashita

Redojiimu, our hercules beetle, died last week. Sidra was playing with his friends when he noticed that Redojiimu hadn’t moved for sometime. Although he knew that Redojiimu wouldn’t live long once he turned into a beetle, Sidra was hoping that Redojiimu would stay with us at least until autumn, so he was sad. We were very sad too.

Redojiimu came to our house as a tiny little larvae when Sidra was still in first grade. He’s now in third grade. Two years might be a short time for us adults, but for kids at Sidra’s age, two years is quite a long time. Two years of caring the larvae and watched him turned into a giant beetle, and even to see him died at the end. On Redojiimu’s tombstone, Sidra wrote: 今まで ずーとずーと ありがとうございました – ima made zuuto zuuto arigatou gozaimashita (loosely translated: thank you for being with us for a long long time).

When Sidra was in kindergarten, we found a little bird who fell off its nest. We’ve tried to give him water and food but the little bird died the next day. Sidra cried his heart out at the time. I took Sidra to the river to say goodbye to the bird. We put the bird on a big leaf and watch him drifting away while saying thank you. We had similar burial ceremony when his fishes or other beetles died. I think it is good that he has the chance to say thank you to them.

Sidra didn’t cry anymore when Redojiimu died,  He is big enough now to understand that everything will die at the end. We believe that Redojiimu’s atoms will disintegrate and become something else. And maybe one of those tiny atom will come back to our house someday.

Into the woods Found the right spot

Last weekend we went to the woods nearby to bury Redojiimu.

It Into the hole

It’s time to say goodbye.

One last look
One last look.

Putting a tombstone
Sidra wrote: ima made zuuto zuuto arigatou gozaimashita (loosely translated: thank you for being with us for a long long time)

Thank you Redojiimu
Thank you Redojiimu

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  • so sad, once we had this tiny little kitten abandon in front of our house, he passed away after 2 weeks.. sad experience, but that’s life.. RIP redojiimu..

  • What a beautiful post, and a marvellous understanding of the world you are instilling in your son. This made me weep a little. The forest seems a lovely place for Redojiimu’s final rest. Thank you for sharing this important moment.

  • My 8 year old son who is blind has a hard time understanding the world around him. He is currently very interested in space and we read all books available on the subject. Recently we read about how stars die and sometimes turn into black holes. Very scary for him, but what he really got from the reading was about how everything in the universe is essentially made of stardust. Everything! This has been wonderful for us since we are not religious. Now he thinks of things in terms of stardust. He realizes when something dies it is all just a part of the universe. I love that Sidra was thankful for the long time the beetle was with you. Children sure have it right!

    • verypurpleperson

      Somehow that is so beautiful, that all of us are just stardust and part of the universe…. We are not religious either, and thinking that all of us is just part of everything can give peace of mind 🙂

  • Although it’s always sad to lose a beloved pet, it’s sweet that you all gave him a little funeral.

  • This was sad and beautiful, all at once. Thank you for sharing this.

  • ste

    I still remember the day you brought it home. I’m sorry that he died but may he move on to a better life. 🙂

  • Thank-you for this beautiful post. We lost our dog/companion/family member, Winnie two weeks ago. She was with us for 13 years. My daughter is 14 and only remembers life with our sweet Winnie. It is difficult sometimes to say goodbye. We feel her absence daily. She is buried on our farm and we are going to plant a snowball bush on her grave so part of her will grow into something beautiful again.

    • verypurpleperson

      That is so sad, but I’m sure Winnie had a wonderful time being a member of your family. I grew up with dogs always in the family and had had many pet deaths to go through, each time is always hard.

  • RC

    Very sad. 🙁 What a sweet sentiment your son wrote.

  • Seeks


  • Oh:( I loved that beetle… that’s always a tough experience with pets…

  • I’m so sorry that Redojiimu has died. But you are so right, I’m sure one of his atoms will somehow make it back into your family’s lives.

  • You are teaching him well. He’s clearly a wonderful boy with a beautiful heart.
    I’ll remember this story when I come to explain life and death to my own little one.
    Thankyou so much for sharing.

  • Jun

    Oh Redojiimu! May you rest in peace.

  • “We believe that Redojiimu’s atoms will disintegrate and become something else. And maybe one of those tiny atom will come back to our house someday.”

    this is a beautiful thought. rest in peace, redojiimu!