Baby blue and white lace set

Baby blue set White lace set
If you like bra making, you have probably heard about Maya bra by Ana Filimon. It’s a 3 piece cup bra pattern, available in wide range of sizes, and it is free!

This pattern uses different method for finding the bra size. It needs two measurements: underbust size and wire size. With these two measurements, the bra size can be found in the available size chart in her site. I found that my size is 30D, the same as my usual size for most bra patterns.
Baby blue set Baby blue set

Ana has put up several pages of very detailed sewing instructions, although it is still not finished. I have made several bras before, so I didn’t use her instructions.

I made my Maya bra with baby blue stretch lace, foam padding, and white notions. Alterations that I made for this bra:

  • added height on center front and side seam to accommodate the longer wire
  • narrowed the centre piece because I have very little space between breasts
  • very narrow cradle (about the width of the channeling under the cups)
  • changed the center front to gothic arch
  • added back strap extension

Baby blue set Baby blue set

The top of the foam padding is finished with foldover elastic, so are the top of side and band. I also like to put a strip of channeling on the side seam for added support.
White lace set White lace set

The second set is made with Classic bra pattern by Pin-Up Girls, a two piece . This is the bra pattern that I used for my first ever handmade bra! I have used this bra so many times and made countless alterations to it. This time, I started over from scratch and ditched all the alterations that I have made.
White lace set White lace set

Here you can see the upside down V-shaped of the gothic arc where the elastic is overlapped. This is my favorite treatment of the center front!

This bra is made with stretch lace, tricot, and notions in all white. Alterations that I made is pretty similar to the baby blue bra. In fact, basically the cradle and band is similar and only the cups are different. The upper cup has added front strap extension. The transparent cups look pretty delicate but actually the tricot underneath the lace is pretty strong and stable.

babybluefront whitelacefront

As usual, a couple of small B/W photos of the bras on me. I think that the Maya bra gives a very rounded shape while the Pin-Up Girls has a more natural shape. I love both shapes!
Mesh panties Mesh panties
To complete the set, I made a couple of panties with transparent mesh fabric and foldover fabric. I have used all the lace edges on the bra so there’s nothing left for the panties. It is okay though, because the panties can be easily mixed and matched with other bra.



Pink bra set

Pink bra set

A new set! It is made with lingerie kit that I won in a Merckwaerdigh ebay auction sometime ago. The bra pattern is my usual Pin-Up Girls #1230 size 30D that has been altered to 26F. The cups are lowered a bit for a demi style.

I also changed the back style a bit so I can wear the bra with this dress without the band peeking. The band has one row of hook and eye instead of three that I usually wear, but the band is still wide as I like it. Making your own bra is so fun because you can play with all these styles!



Pink set
Pink set

The panties pattern is Lola panties by Ohhh Lulu, a boyshort style panties with center back seam. I use clear elastic around the legs. Unfortunately the lycra was only enough for for one bra and a pair of panties instead of two that I usually make for one set.

Pink set Pink set Pink set Pink set Pink set Pink set

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from eLingeria (now closed), size 30D altered to 26F.
Panties patttern is Lola panties by Ohhh Lulu, size S

Baby blue gingham set

Baby blue gingham set Baby blue gingham set
A new set of bra and two panties made with ‘Vichy’ kit from ELingeria. I bought the kit sometime ago and unfortunately all the kit is now not available because the store is closing. I’m a bit sad actually because I only have two sources for lingerie pattern and supplies and ELingeria is one of them. The other one is Merckwaerdigh and I hope they are not going anywhere now.

Anyone know any good online stores for lingerie supplies that accept Paypal and can send worlwide? On the other hand, ELingeria is having a closing down sale until May 31st so you might want to stock up now!

Baby blue gingham set

I use my usual Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 size 30D altered to 26F, with altered shape for demi-cups style (for further reading, read Amy’s post: Hack Your Bra #1 that explains how to do several types of alterations including making demi-cups style). I used the scalloped edge of the lace for the top of upper cup. Usually I stitch a piece of narrow elastic along the edge but this time I skipped the step because I want the scalloped edge to mimic the panties, with no stitching lines along the edge. They still fit well without the narrow elastic but maybe I need to add them later when the lace has started losing its stretch. Or just make another set!

Baby blue gingham set Baby blue gingham set

The lower cups and bridge are lined with blue non-stretch lining. The back band is all white powernet, also to mimic the white back of the panties. I always add a downward hike to the back band as suggested in the Bra-makers manual by Beverly Johnson’s to prevent the band from riding up.

Baby blue gingham set Baby blue gingham set

Let’s talk about the panties! The pattern is Lola panties by Ohhh Lulu and it’s my new favorite pattern! The pattern is for a boyshort style panties with center back seam. I usually find this style a bit too revealing around the backside but this Lola panties are just right. I made size S with no alteration, the only thing I did differently was using plush elastic for around the front legs instead of coverstitching them per the instruction. I think coverstitch will make a very clean-looking edge though and I will try them later. I’ve been happy with my usual panties pattern, but this one is just perfect!

Baby blue gingham set Baby blue gingham set

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from eLingeria, size 30D altered to 26F.
Panties patttern is Lola panties by Ohhh Lulu, size S

Here Kitty Kitty set

When you came across a roll of lycra fabric with feline faces all over it, there’s two things that you can do: dismissed it immediately as tacky and moved on to another fabric; or mesmerized by those little eyes staring at you and suddenly found yourself paying for the fabric. I was the latter.

Then I turned it into a bra and panty set. An awesome bra and panty set, that is.

The bra pattern is my usual Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 size 30D altered to 26F. You can see that the shape of the cups is a bit different because I’ve changed them into demi-cups style.

It was quite an easy alteration where I took out some of the height from the upper cups. My usual wires were too long for this style of cups, so I chopped them off a bit at the center part, sanded them smooth and wrapped them with plumber’s tape to prevent the sharp bits from cutting the fabric.

For further reading, I suggest to read Amy’s post: Hack Your Bra #1 that explains how to do several types of alterations including making demi-cups style.

Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set

Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set

The cups were lined to reduce the stretchiness of the lycra and the side seams are reinforced with plastic boning. Instead of lycra, I used black powernet for the bra band. I followed Amy’s tutorial on adjusting the length of bra band for different fabrics with great result. Amy, what would I do without you?!! Thank you so much!
Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set

Merckwaerdigh E-STRAP4

The panties pattern is actually the bottom part of bodysuit from Merckwaerdigh Strap4. I cut them on the waist mark and lowered it 5 cm further. The back part is shiny black mesh fabric. I still have a lot lycra leftover that I planned to make into a longline bra, unfortunately I ran out of black elastics! I have never found plush elastic here in Japan and usually order them from  Merckwaerdigh or eLingeria, so my cats have to wait for several weeks now. Bummer.

Anyway I’m happy with this set. They are quite ridiculous and maybe a bit creepy with all those little eyes staring, but I love them! Expect the kitties to come back to this blog once I get hold of another batch of black elastics!

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from eLingeria, size 30D altered to 26F.
Panties patttern is lower part of bodysuit from Merckwaerdigh Strap4.


Striped bra set

Striped bra set

Striped bra set

Hello! I made a new set of bra and undies yesterday. This is actually a test bra and so far I’m quite satisfied with the result.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post about bra, I’ve been using A Sophisticated Pair’s bra calculator to help me find my correct bra size. With my 26.5 inches band measurement and 31.5 inches bust measurement, the calculator gave me the size US 28E for moderately snug band. This time I wanted a very snug band, which requires the size US 26F.

The cups for 26F are actually the same as 28E and 30D. I used my Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 size 30D and altered it to make size 26F. Here’s what I did during pattern alteration and construction:

  • removed 0.5 cm from center front
  • shortened the center back 4 cm
  • added downward hike on the back to make sure that the band doesn’t riding up
  • lined the bridge area and lower cup so they are not stretchy at all
  • added plastic boning to side seams
  • used 3 hooks

The fabric is cotton jersey with striped pattern. It is quite stable and not very stretchy. Unfortunately the wrong side is white and showed through a bit to the right side through the needle holes. I got the fabric and plush elastics from an auction at Merckwaerdigh at ebay.

Striped bra set
Striped bra set Striped bra set

I’m very happy that every bra I made fits me better than before. So far this is the best fitting bra that I’ve ever had! One little thing that I’d like to change in the future is moving the straps just a little closer to center back. The band is very snug as expected and it is more comfortable that way.

I’ve bravely modeled the bra! You can see that cup F is not as big as it is imagined, it is all just a matter of proportion. The right size underwires fully enclosed the breast and the center front sits comfortably against the sternum. Before I made my own bra, I thought I was size 32B and always had to wear my bra on the first (tightest hook). Here I wear the bra the right way, which is on the last (loosest hook). The hooks are actually there to maintain the snugness of the bra when the fabric is gradually loosing its elasticity.

Size 26F

Size 26F

Since I started wearing bra in the right size, the first thing I noticed was that my bra still stay in their place when I wake up in the morning (I sleep with my bra on because I don’t feel comfortable without them). Don’t you hate that you have to adjust your bra every time you change position and every time you lift your arms? Well, no moar!

For further readings on signs of poor fitting bra, please check out these links:

And if you want to try making a bra, Amy from Cloth Habit is starting a bra sew along in January!

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from eLingeria, size 30D altered to 26F.

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