Black and white lingerie set

I always get nervous before going on a trip, and sewing is a way to calm myself. It is sort of like meditation to me because I have to put other thoughts aside and concentrate on this particular task. Of course I should be packing instead of sewing, but…. *sigh*

Black and white set
Black and white set

Anyway, this is what I came up with last night, a lingerie set of one bra and two panties in black and white. The pattern is Merckwaerdigh Mix30 for both the bra and panties. This is a multisize pattern with the description as follows: Pattern MIX30 from Dutch design Merckwaerdigh with a good supporting underwired bra, lovely hipster pantie & all lace knickers. This pattern does requires some experience in home made lingerie.

I have used the panties pattern for my previous sets but this time I wanted to try the bra pattern as well. Before making this set, I made a muslin with leftover jersey for the cup only to test the fit. It turned out that my size for Merckwaerdigh pattern is 30C instead of 30B that I usually wear.

The pattern instruction is not as good as the Pin-Up Girls pattern that I usually use, but since I’ve made several bras before, I didn’t find any particular difficulties with this one.

The fit is great and they are really comfortable! I love how the shape of  the side cup gives good support. When attaching the elastic on the underbust band, I cut my elastic 20% shorter than the whole band to make sure that they fit snugly around my body.

The white lycra and tiny bows with red flowers were bought in Okadaya, Shinjuku. The black stretch lace and bra notions kit are from Merckwaerdigh store at ebay.

Black and white set Black and white set

Black and white set

Black and white set Black and white set

Bra and panties pattern is Merckwaerdigh Mix30 (bra, pantie, knickers), bra size 30C, panties size S.

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  • Caroline

    I’m making the Merckwaerdigh Mix30 panties this morning and before putting the elastic on the leg openings, tried them on. There is a very strange poof in the back just above the lining seam, right at midline, making it look — like they say on Project Runway — like I’ve pooped my pants. I’m really hoping that that disappears once the elastic for the legs is in — I’d hate to waste that nice picot. Otherwise, I’m enjoying this pattern and really appreciate that you’ve blogged photos of all your endeavors. They’re helpful.

  • You are so good at these now! You have definitely inspired me to give underwear a go. Really lovely! You pro!

  • Amy

    I love seeing all your lingerie sets–so inspiring and beautiful (I especially love the pink bra) and you’ve finally inspired me to break out my pin-up girls pattern.

  • Beautiful, I’m so jealous!

  • This set is quite exquisite. I so admire your dedication and professionalism.

  • wahou, c’est du très beau travail, félicitations

  • Kat

    Each one is even more beautiful than the last! They really are amazing, it looks exactly like something at a high end lingerie store.

  • Hilary

    You are so inspiring!! I really want to try this for myself now. I have enough dresses and skirts!

  • Wow! Really lovely. You do really professional work. I hope you have a good and safe holiday and look forward to reading what you will be sewing when you are back.

  • It looks so professional! Lovely set!

  • Bri

    Masterful, you do such fantastic work (whether you should be doing other things or not!)