Dog down jacket

Dog down jacket Dog down jacket
We planned to go to Kawaguchiko in the first weekend of 2016. Since Fuwawa doesn’t like cold weather, I made her a down jacket to wear while she’s there.

The material is scavenged from Sidra’s overgrown down jacket. He’s growing fast, leaving lots of clothing material for Fuwawa and our foster dogs! This red quilted fabric is actually a removable lining. The outer jacket already has lots of mending stitches so I didn’t use it.
Dog down jacket
Dog down jacket

The red jacket has black lining that I also used for Fuwawa’s jacket. The upper part of the back lining is flannel for added warmth. Naturally I have to shorten the zipper in considerable amount.

Dog down jacket Dog down jacket

As usual, I use dogwear pattern by Millamilla. This pattern is called ‘Quilted puffer jacket’, the instruction starts by quilting your fabric that I skipped since the fabric is already quilted. I changed the buttoned front to zipper so I can reuse the zipper from the old jacket.

Instead of ribbing, I finished the hem and sleeves with foldover elastic. The ribbed collar is changed into square collar made with the quilted fabric.

Dog down jacket Dog down jacket

The jacket proved quite useful! She didn’t shiver in the cold weather anymore. However, Fuwawa didn’t seem too excited about the long trip there. All she wants to do is just to sleep on the couch at home!
Dog down jacket Dog down jacket

Hello from Kawaguchiko!

Pattern is Dog quilted puffer jacket by Millamilla, size M.

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  • Eek, way too cute!

  • Brandy

    What a warm, happy doggy!

  • That is so cute! One of our dogs hates the cold. I might have to get around and make something for him.

  • Oh my gosh, this is so clever!

  • Jen l

    So cute – and great reuse of materials!

  • patsijean

    Our dog is a Tricolor Shetland Sheepdog so the cold does not bother him, but the heat of Tennessee, USA does. Anyway, I need to devise a raincoat for him. I found your previous explanation of why Fuwawa gets cold interesting. That long fur looks quite warm.

  • beckster51

    Cute! I am sure puppy appreciates it very much. And great recyling project!

  • This is adorable. Thanks for the pattern reference.

  • oona

    so cute!