Polka dot plunge bra

Polka dot plunge bra Polka dot plunge bra

Bra draftingAnother self-drafted plunge bra! I want something smooth to be worn under T-shirt, so no pretty lace this time. The fabric is lycra in black with purple dots.

Since I don’t have much space between the breasts, I find that a plunge bra with its lowered center front is comfortable. I also found that I have flared rib, that is why I like gothic arc on center front because it releases some pressure from the band.

Drafting my own bra is great as I can include all the features that I love. This plunge bra has:

  • three piece cups
  • plunge style
  • very narrow bridge (about the width of the channeling under the cups)
  • gothic arch on center front seam
  • back strap extension

Polka dot plunge bra

This is also my first time dyeing my own notions. It was not as difficult as I thought! I used RIT powder multi purpose dye and vinegar. I think the purple looks quite fine. Let’s see how they stand several washing later.

Polka dot plunge bra

Here’s a closer look at the center front. You can see how it ‘dipped’ upwards, and the elastics are overlapped on the inside.
Polka dot plunge bra
Polka dot plunge bra

I should have managed the thread tension better. The purple thread is not supposed to be seen from the outside.

plunge1 plunge2

And here’s the bra on me! Quite happy with the result although as usual I feel that some things can be done better. The upper cup is a bit too low on the side so next time I will make it higher.
Polka dot plunge bra

The panties is made with my favorite low rider panties pattern by Merckwaerdigh. This low rider panties only need very little fabric and they are not too skimpy when worn. They are finished with foldover elastic dyed in purple.

Making bra is quite addictive! I find it amusing that I have spent so many hours measuring and re-measuring my breasts to find the perfect shape bra for them. And each time there is always something new that I found. I don’t think I knew anything about the space between my breasts, the shape and the asymmetry of my breasts, before I learned to make my own bra!


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