Elementary graduation suit: in progress

Making graduation suit Making graduation suit

Sidra is graduating from elementary school this week! It seemed that not a long time ago he was entering first grade. Time flies so fast. It seems that not a long time ago I made him an entrance ceremony suit.

I asked Sidra to pick the color of the suit he’s going to wear to his graduation ceremony. He said, “I want a white suit!”

I don’t have anything against white suit, really. There must be a right occasion for that, but this is an important event for all the graduating children. It won’t be fair if everyone has their attention caught on this one kid wearing sparkling white suit amidst the sea of greys and blacks.

After several back and forth, fortunately we were able to settle on grey or brown. I bought this grey tweed fabric in Okadaya, Shinjuku. Before I started a project, I love to put the fabrics and all the notions in one plastic bag to make it easier later to find something.

Since Sidra is a bit skinny, I use pattern size 134 cm although his height is 137 cm. The muslin was a bit short, so I lengthened the body about 2.5 cm.

Making graduation suit Making graduation suit

I was considering using proper hair canvas for the interfacing but decided to just use the fusible ones. I’ve never used hair canvas before so I am curious! Maybe for a future project.

Making graduation suit Making graduation suit

I cut the undercollar on bias so it would roll better. Here it is being pinned on the dressmaker’s ham after being steamed into shape. The jacket also has a back stay cut from muslin and a couple of thin shoulder pads. The shoulder pads help to shape the shoulder and upper sleeves.

After stitching the facing, I basted them into place and pressed them.

Making graduation suit Making graduation suit

My husband ordered an adjustable tie from an online store but it turned out to be in adult size. I cut it open, shortened it, and put it back together.

Making graduation suit Making graduation suit

The book is Making Trousers by David Page Coffin, it is a great book with lots of information on construction techniques that couture seamstress might use. I don’t usually use this book for making ordinary pants, but this is a special occasion that deserves special treatment.

Making graduation suit Making graduation suit

Sidra said the fabric is itchy, so I added lining to the pants. The pants has back welt pocket, zipper fly, and grosgrain ribbon waist facing. I added a waistcoat to the outfit, which has a couple of welt pockets on the front. I think by this time I have had enough exercise on making welt pockets!
Making graduation suit Making graduation suit

His comment? “The pockets are not big enough.” LOL. I might change the pockets later after the graduation ceremony. More pictures later!

All patterns from Burdastyle, size 134:
Jacket: Boy’s Classic Button-Up Blazer 02/2015 #142
Trousers: Suit Trousers 02/2012 #138
Waistcoat: Boy’s Waistcoat 02/2013 #145

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  • Bankole yekeen Babs

    A very lovely suit.

  • This is great – Sidra looks so grown up! He’s very lucky to have a mum who can make him such stylish clothes.

  • Alli

    Wow, that’s fabulous! I’m totally in awe! 🙂

  • The suit looks fantastic! What a lucky son you have.

  • A 3 piece suite, wow! And it’s so well made. Maybe you’ll make him a white one as well, or maybe just a blazer? I think he’d look great in it.
    Looks like february is boys’ month for Burda.

  • mokosha

    looking real smart! beautiful work, and i really like the texture of fabric you chose!

  • Sharon

    Very stylish.

  • Kathy

    As usual, I am very impressed! Great job.

  • Wow!! Looking good!

  • Choco


  • lisa g

    What an undertaking! I love the fabric you settled on, it looks so sharp. So funny that he wanted a white suit. My husband had a white suit back in college… can’t say I was a fan though!

  • This suit looks SO smart!! Full of Patterns also seems to have a nice boys pattern blazer!

  • You’ve got one fly kid! Especially if his first choice was a WHITE suit! loool so ahead of the curve lol
    This looks so good! … but everything you make looks bomb soo… lol

    • Once when in second grade, he wanted me to make him a pair of gold pants because Michael Jackson wore them. I convinced him to change his mind for red pants though, I don’t think gold pants would survive in school playground 😛

  • Ann

    I really liked the Coffin book (but I should probably get it out of the library again for a refresher). You did such a beautiful job on this suit! It’s heartening to see someone sew for boys into the teen years. I confess that I’m fairly intimidated, but I would like to be able to do something like this someday. The intricacies of interfacing and underlining seem far beyond my scope, but with baby steps . . . maybe.

  • Jen l

    Sidra looks terrific in his new suit! I have David Coffin’s book too. It really has some great tips for making pants.