Blue bloomers

Blue bloomersBlue bloomers

I have just finished making shirts for my husband and son, but haven’t taken pictures of them being worn yet as I have to wait until this weekend. Anyway, just after I cut all the pieces for both shirts, I found that there are still little fabrics left, just enough for a pair of shorts for myself. I use Jane pattern from Burdastyle and lengthened the legs about 4 cm. The legs of the shorts are on fabric selvedges, so they didn’t have to be hemmed. Then I stitched two rows of elastic shirrings on both legs, turning the shorts into a cute bloomers! The fabric is cotton and very comfortable. I think the bloomers is perfect for these hot summer days and I can also wear them under my short dresses.

The fabric is actually white with wide blue borders in wave shape, but I only have most of the blue part left for my bloomers. It is cotton from IKEA, comes ready cut in 150 cm by 3 m. So I managed to make one men’s shirt, one kid’s shirt, and one bloomers out of it! Woohoo! Pictures of the shirts are coming soon.

Blue bloomers Blue bloomers

Blue bloomers

And here’s Sidra ruining my photo session. Making self-taken pictures during school holidays are difficult.

Shorts pattern is Jane from Burdastyle

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