Bombshell dress – cup alteration

Bombshell dress muslin - backside
Bombshell dress muslin - backside

This is the backside of my muslin. I have scoliosis and my curved spine can be seen clearly here. This might be the first time I ever photographed my backside deliberately.

The last time I saw pictures of my backside is when I was 15 years old. They were laid on the table in front of me and I got a few disheartening comments (parents can be so inconsiderate!) about it. I got traumatized and avoided fitted clothing since then. Until now.

I must say that sewing and blogging about sewing have helped me to see human bodies differently. I make muslins and put them on, look into the mirror and try to see what needs to be fixed. This process has slowly taught me to know my own body better. Usually I just made some baby doll or loose dresses quickly and threw them over me, feeling sure that what needs to be hidden is hidden.

After looking at so many creations all over the net, I suddenly can see that there are a lot of variations in human bodies. Sometimes I see that ‘oh her left shoulder is a bit higher than the right one’ or ‘her waist is almost the same width as her hip’. Not to nitpick their bodies, just for my personal observation in order to learn good fitting.

Then I see that none of these flaws affect the clothes. Well, of course they affect how the clothes hang on their bodies, but a pretty dress worn by a pretty lady who posed proudly for her own creation is still a pretty dress nonetheless.

My spine is curved. But they look okay. Sometimes they hurt, and that’s what I need to be working on instead of spending energy thinking about hiding them. I am happy to know that what started as a curiosity whether I was able make the whole wardrobe for myself has turned into a journey of self-discovery.

Bombshell dress muslin - second fitting
Bombshell dress muslin - second fitting

Uh, anyway… as I was saying in the title, I did the alteration for the bust cup as I’ve planned in the previous post, and it seems to be working out!

The right cup in the picture is altered while the left cup is unaltered. I pinched the excess fabric on the left cup to show how much that I have eliminated.

Now I need to think about the skirt part. I don’t really like the sarong skirt on the original pattern but still haven’t decided what to make instead. Maybe a simple gathered skirt with sideseam pockets!


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