Fortune cat tote bag

Maneki neko tote bag Maneki neko tote bag

My new tote bag! Actually I wasn’t planning to make more bags but then I found this canvas fabric with interesting panel print. One panel is showing a Maneki Neko or Fortune Cat, and the other panel is Mountain Fuji.

Maneki neko tote bag Maneki neko tote bag

The print is interesting enough that I want to show it off as much as possible with simple lines and no visible topstitching. That is why the straps and facing are tacked to the bag with small rivets.

Maneki neko tote bag Maneki neko tote bag

I left the bag unlined and bound all the raw edges with twill tape. The wide bag straps are quite wide so I stitched them together around the middle. This will make the straps stronger and easier to carry.

Maneki neko tote bag Maneki neko tote bag

The bag has two pockets inside. One is zippered pocket, the other pocket has key strap attached. As you can see the bag is quite big, enough for everything that I want to carry. In my bag usually I have water bottle, small towel, makeup pouch, stationery pouch, charger pouch, earphone pouch, tissue pouch. I have many little pouches inside my bag that is why I need big bag!

Maneki neko tote bag Maneki neko tote bag

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  • I love how your tote bag turned out. You should do a tutorial!

  • The best things are the simplest!

  • Ledys

    It’s so beautiful!! You did such a good job with this bag, I love everything about it! Could I ask you what pattern you used? I also would love to see the little pouches, that makes so much sense. Love it!

    • Glad you like it 🙂 I didn’t use a pattern. The bag is just a rectangle with stitched corners 😊

  • Jen l

    That’s a really cute bag. The orange straps give it a nice ‘pop’ too.