Summer shorts and top

Summer shorts and top Summer shorts and top

I was thinking of making a pair of shorts for summer and decided to make my own pattern as an exercise in pattern drafting. The shorts have shaped waistband, pleated fronts, front slant pocket, and darts on the back side. I also made cuffed legs and used button fly instead of zipper. The fabric is linen chambray with interesting texture that I’ve used a little for the top part of this dress. The pockets are lined with striped linen, also leftover from the same dress.

Summer shorts and top Summer shorts and top

The result is still not too perfect. There were some (very) faint diagonal lines on the front, might be the results of the pocket lining pulling on the fabric.  The front pleats are also a bit too close to the center front, I would move them a bit to the side if I make them again. The back seemed quite okay though. Maybe I should have made a muslin first, but these fabrics are leftover so I can say that these are very wearable muslin. Or maybe there’s nothing wrong with this pair of shorts at all and I was just too critical. You see, when you make your own pattern, you tend to get too critical of small things like these.

However, I really love the row of buttons and the shaped waistband! The waistband sits perfectly just they way I picture it to be. The shorts were also very comfortable to wear and this really helps me to overcome my initial reluctance to wear anything that define my waist.

Summer top Summer shorts

Summer top Summer shorts Summer shorts

Stylish Dress Book 3, Top R
Stylish Dress Book 3, Top R

I made a simple top to go with the pants. The fabric is nani IRO double gauze, leftover from my husband’s shirt. The pattern is top R from Stylish Dress Book 3 without all the ruffles. I use ready-made double gauze bias tape for the neckline and armhole since the nani IRO fabric was not enough.


I must say that I love this ensemble! It is a bit different that what I usually wear, my wardrobe is mostly consisted of dresses with not too many pants or skirts. But five to six years ago, I only wear jeans and fitted T-shirts, as you can see in this picture of me from 2006. Now I only have one or two fitted T-shirts that I only wear for layering. I guess one’s personal style is always evolving.

Several years ago, I suddenly thought that I didn’t look good wearing jeans, so I’ve been avoiding jeans and pants since then. But now I realize it was probably just bad fitting of store-bought pants. I’m quite small so store-bought pants usually have to be shortened for me and as a result, the fit is not quite right anymore. Since I make my own clothing now, I should be able to make something that really fits me. So I guess I’m starting to get back to wearing pants again!

Shorts pattern is self drafted.
Top pattern is top R from Stylish Dress Book 3.



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  • Love your blog, it’s so awesome! You have the exact same taste as I do, it’s uncanny. I’ve also fallen in love with the book you’ve done the top from, but I was wondering if it’s also in english, do you know? Since I can’t read the site you’ve linked to, I can’t really figure it out :p Anyway, keep up the good work and again, beautifull work!

    • verypurpleperson

      The book is in Japanese and doesn’t have English version. However, I can’t read Japanese and have used lots of Japanese pattern. I find them very easy to understand, the drawings and diagrams are really helpful.
      Anyway you can use Google translate to read any page in foreign language. I installed Google translate extension on Chrome and it is very useful!

  • owww you rock the jeans look too

  • Rin

    Lovely lovely shorts and top. So glad someone already asked you about the shoes. Just checked out Goldenponies but they are not selling shoes for a while. Nooooo!

  • Really, really cute! They look adorable (and the striped pockets are so sweet)!

  • Love! Much Love! Will you be releasing a pattern, or could you recommend one?

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! I made the pattern just for my personal exercise in pattern drafting. Anyway, there is a shorts pattern at Burdastyle with similar shape. I think you can change the zipper to button fly if you want or just use the pattern as it is, it is very pretty and it has bow belt. I’ve never used it though so I’m not really sure about the fit, but the results from other members look nice 🙂

  • didio

    The outfit look absolutely fantastic!!

  • Those shorts are fantastic! I’ve been wanting a pair just like that! I know how you feel about fitting issues. I’m tiny too (I even have to get kid size shoes!) I wore capris as long pants for all of elementary school. I dont really wear long pants much anymore. 🙂

  • Amanda

    So cute! The shorts are perfect. I have some of that Nani Iro fabric in blue that I’ve been hanging on to, but this is inspiring me to make something right away. Your projects are always so inspiring, and I hope to have your skill one day.

  • I love the shorts! They are darling! And I love the top too! The whole ensemble is just perfection! Truly! I understand about the shorts not being “perfect,” but really I think that’s just because you’ve worked with them so much – that’s exactly how I am. Sometimes, I just have to take a break and put a project on hold because of this! These are lovely! xoxo, Sunni

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you Sunni! I’m sure you can understand it really well. It really helps to have other people to have a look and see it from different point of view 😀

  • I think the shorts are so cute!! I was thinking to myself when I saw them, I wonder if Novita ever posts PDFs of her lovely patterns…and then I saw you weren’t 100% about it. The pattern and shorts are lovely.

    I’m also loving your adorable shoes.

    • verypurpleperson

      I wish I could do that, but I haven’t learned pattern grading yet so my self-drafted patterns are in my size, which is quite small. Hope I can do something about it later 🙂
      The shoes are from Goldenponies at Etsy, I have their golden oxfords as well. Love them!

  • This outfit is so adorable. The shorts are amazing. I think perhaps you are being a little too critical. These are lovely.

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! I guess you are right about me being too critical, it is hard not to! 🙂

  • Novita you look lovely in your new outfit!
    Well done on the self-drafting for the shorts!
    Maybe you could eventually self-draft some new jeans for yourself :)?

    • verypurpleperson

      I’m thinking about it too! I want to make flare jeans ^_^

  • The shorts look fantastic on you. I am sure though with a figure like yours you could make a hessian sack look fantastic!

    • verypurpleperson

      Andrea, you’re too nice! (*^_^*)

  • Theses shorts are awesome. And you finished them perfectly – I’m drooling in front of my screen 🙂

    • verypurpleperson

      I’m quite happy too with the result 🙂

  • They are both fantastic! I love the shorts pattern that you drafted!

    • verypurpleperson

      Glad that you like them! ^_^