Aeolian tees

These two tees have been in rotation for my daily wear recently. They are easy and comfortable, with enough details to make it more interesting than ordinary store-bought tees.

The pattern is Aeolian tee by Pattern Fantastique. I was very happy with my Terra pants that I started to look at other patterns from the maker. This tee immediately caught my eyes, as it is perfect for the warmer weather at the moment.

The pattern is quite simple and straightforward. It has a boxy shape, with several length options from tee length to ankle length dress. Other interesting details are the back facing and deep hem on sleeves and bottom edge. Although this pattern is drafted for knits, the loose and simple shape allow it to be made in woven fabric by using bias tape instead of neck band. I made a couple of tees in size 8 with cotton knit fabric.


The edges of the back facing are topstitched down with flatlock stich. Or in my case, faux flatlock, which is one of several stitch options in my sewing machine. I also used this stitch around the neckline, sleeve hem, and bottom hem.

I’m not too fond of this faux flatlock stitch though, as it is quite heavy on the fabric. For the green tee, I omitted the back facing and simply used three step zigzag stitches around the neckline and hems. If I make another tee in woven fabric, I will keep the back facing and topstitch it with straight stitch.

Pattern is Aeolian tee by Pattern Fantastique (PDF), size 8. (Can also be bought as a bundle with Aura skirt to make a dress.)

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