Stylish Dress Book 2: Dress F

When we went to Indonesia last summer, I came back with quite a heap of fabrics. Several of them are from my mother’s collection which are too beautiful that I’m still afraid to cut them, and several are store-bought.

This cotton batik is bought from Danar Hadi, a batik store in the city of Solo, Central Java; the brown and indigo pattern is called ‘Parang rusak‘. I browsed through my Japanese pattern book and find dress F in ‘Stylish Dress Book 2’. The pattern is very simple, a loose dress with raglan sleeves, several rows of shirrings on neckline, and a drawstring on hip.

A linen tape is used for the drawstring, actually they are two separate pieces connected together with a length of elastics. The elastics make it easier to pull the strings without having to arrange the gathers all the time. I can wear the drawstrings low on the hip or pull it tighter to create a blouson dress.

I’m quite satisfied with the outcome. The fabric was a bit stiff at first, but it will gradually loose its stiffness with every wash as most batik does. I guess I should wear this dress as often as possible!
Stylish Dress Book 2: Dress F
Stylish Dress Book 2: Dress F

Pattern is from Stylish Dress Book 2.

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  • Anonymous

    jamie, you can buy it at 🙂

  • dhe_vajna

    cute huhu.. '>o<

  • verypurpleperson

    Jaime, I live in Tokyo, so the book is pretty easy to find in any bookstore here. Maybe you can try looking for it at

  • jaime stoess

    I can't seem to find the stylish dress books anywhere to purchase. Can you post a note telling me where I can buy it?

  • oshun

    That dress is lovely !

  • CyberGirly

    I absolutely LOVE your site – you pick gorgeous fabrics. I need to be more brave like you and just jump in designing patterns an making things! I am beginner and quite nervouse of just diving in. Good for you on the 'no 'poo' thing too!

  • RIE

    i want the book! and love the dress!
    unfortunately, this kind of book in jakarta is quite expensive…hahahaha

  • jacqueline

    Hiee there, i found your lovely shop today and it lead me here to your wonderful bubble space. I really adore the dresses you make…they are soo cute! Hope to see you soon. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  • lunatepetal

    simple, but looks really great! love it 🙂
    also love the fabric: nice pattern and color combination!

  • chrrristine

    I only just found your blog (via burdastyle), and I love it.
    the clothes you make are beautiful, and very inspiring!