Esme maxi cardigan and Linden sweatshirt

White Linden Sweatshirt and Esme Cardigan White Linden Sweatshirt and Esme Cardigan

I’ve been wearing my wool coat that I made a couple of years ago everyday this winter. It’s a really great coat but I got a bit bored of it, so a simple long cardigan seem to be a perfect alternative.

The pattern is Esme maxi cardigan by Named patterns. I made size 34 with lots of shortening alteration, 2 cm above the waist and 10 cm below the waist. FYI Named patterns are drafted for height 172 cm, that is why I have to do lots of shortenings for my 150 cm height.

Esme Cardigan Esme Cardigan

The fabric is grey sweatshirt fleece with brushed side in white. It’s medium weight with low stretch, perfect for this pattern. Because of the fabric thickness, I made one side of the pocket from jersey to minimize the bulk. I love these big pockets, it is essential in cold weather so I can put my freezing hands.

The cardigan looks good without button, but I decided to add closure so it can be closed in cold days or when bike riding. The closure is three large plastic snap on button in transparent white that really blend with the color of the fabric.

I’ve seen some people shortened the cardigan to hip length that also looks good but this time I wanted to see how I look in maxi cardigan. I must say that the cardigan looks a bit like bathrobe but it’s so comfortable so I don’t care!

White Linden Sweatshirt White Linden Sweatshirt

The second thing that I made is a simple white sweatshirt. I don’t have any white clothes before because I’m afraid I will get it stained in the first wear. Then my husband got himself a white sweatshirt and I thought it looked good so I wanted to make one.

The pattern is Linden sweatshirt pattern by Grainline studio. I’ve made this pattern a couple years ago and was very pleased with the result. The alteration is the same as the first one that I made, with the bodice shortened 2.5 cm and the sleeves shortened 4 cm.

White Linden Sweatshirt White Linden Sweatshirt

The fabric is white french terry, a bit thick and not very stretchy. You can see the loops on the wrong side of the fabric.

It turned out that I like the result so much that I wear the sweatshirt almost everyday! So far I managed to keep it stain-free so it’s really great. And here I am with my new ensemble for cold days!

White Linden Sweatshirt and Esme Cardigan

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