Loose drape dress

Loose drape top
drape drape pattern #1

I’ve had this pattern book, ドレープ ドレープ (Drape Drape), for about a year now but had never made anything out of it. Most of the pattern in the book use knit fabrics, I guess I was a bit intimidated by it. But after making several clothes with knit fabrics (without serger), I found myself browsing the book again and decided to make one of the pattern.

This is pattern no.1, the loose drape top that I lengthened into a dress. The pattern is pretty straightforward, consisted of only two pieces with binding for finishing the armholes.

The fabric is double-gauze knit in stripes pattern, which accentuate the shape of the drapes. I wear the dress with black sleeveless top underneath. I wish I could wear it like the girl in the picture, but it wouldn’t be too practical for everyday use!

Loose drape dress
Loose drape dress

Loose drape dress Loose drape dress

Pattern is loose drape top (lengthened) from ドレープ ドレープ (Drape Drape).

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