Red pants

S: Mama, I want a gold pants.
M: A gold pants? Why??
S: Because Maikeru Jakuson wears one.
M: But where will you wear the gold pants to?
S: I’ll wear it anywhere, to supermarket, to school….

Since I couldn’t bear the thought of him walking to school in gold pants, I tried to offer several alternatives. How about a pair of black pants? No? But Michael Jackson had one too. A blue pants? No? A grey one? No? And so on.

At last we saw Michael Jackson in the ‘This is It’ DVD wearing a pair of red pants. I offered him a similar pants and Sidra excitedly agreed. So, a pair of red pants was on the way.

The fabric is the brightest red corduroy I could find in a local fabric store. I use pieces of stripes fabric for pocket lining and waistband lining. The pants has narrow pipes, but I hope it’s still comfortable to wear because the fabric is a bit stretchy. To add a ‘golden’ touch, I put a little golden button on one of the pocket. Not an MJ button though, it’s a flying Ultraman. It was a very quick project as I’ve got used to making pants for Sidra.

Sidra was very happy when I showed him the pants this morning. He immediately wore it and stroke a ‘Maikeru Jakuson pose’. The pose in the picture was his idea of a Maikeru Jakuson pose. But now he’s asking me to make a golden/silver jacket like the one MJ wore with the red pants in the DVD (-.-)

My sewing machine got very ill after making the last stitch on the hem. Now it can only speak rattling sound while making random loopy stitches. Usually I can always find the trouble by opening the machine and cleaning the inside parts, but this time it definitely cries for a professional help. After seeing me sulking the whole morning, my husband said that he will take it to the repair shop tomorrow. It concludes that no sewing will be done for the next few days. Argh.

Thank you to all twitter friends who has offered help and suggestions! Everyone is so nice, arigatou gozaimasu! ♥

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