The week when my internet went down

Our modem had a problem last week, and since it was provided by our apartment developer, my husband called them to ask for a new one. I couldn’t believe when they said it would take almost a week to send a new modem! What would I do without internet for a week?

Erm, okay, I had to calm down. So I went to the sewing room.

1. Family boxers
I always wanted to sew boxers for my husband, and finally found the perfect pattern for it in a Japanese pattern book that I borrowed from a local library. It went like a breeze and I’m so happy with the result. And then I made a mini version for Sidra, and put some buttons on the front so he can easily differentiate the front from the back. Then I got addicted and made some more.

The colourful plaid boxers are from madras fabrics, and I made another one for me from the leftover fabrics. It’s actually not very practical as an underwear, but I think I can wear it this summer as a cute shorts.
Family boxers
– Men’s boxers pattern from Men’s pants catalogue .
– Child’s boxers pattern can be downloaded from this site .
– Women’s boxer pattern is a short pattern, downloaded from Manequim .

2. Lesson bag and slippers bag

Apparently this fancy bag couldn’t handle a first-grader boy, and one of the handle just got ripped off. Maybe I should try to fix it, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to make a new one. Well, I guess I can recycle it into a potato bag for the kitchen….

And yeah, I just had to make a new slippers bag because the old one wouldn’t match the new one. Well, maybe I can recycle the old bag to… an onion bag?

These bags are made from IKEA fabrics, leftover from my other project (which haven’t finished by now). The fabrics are canvas, hopefully strong enough for this elementary school boy. I let the raw edges show on the handles and added topstitchings to make them stronger.

Lesson bag & slippers bag - IKEA fabric

3. Striped pants
Striped pants
Sidra always needs some new pants, it’s amazing how fast he’s growing. This pants has the same pattern as this one, I added some length and changed the shape of the front pockets. The fabric is Indian cotton, very comfortable to wear this summer.

Striped pants
Pants pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls.

The modem was sent yesterday and I can finally plugged back into the net! Yes I’m alive! Aliveeee! (on the other hand, this might be the signs that I’ve got too addicted to internet. Sigh.)

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