Starting the bombshell dress

Apparently the repair was faster than expected, the repair shop sent my sewing machine back yesterday! The big box arrived in the morning and I danced happily all day. No more machineless week! I used it right away to finish my husband’s jeans. They only need to be hemmed now and I’m waiting for my husband to come home so I can measure the length of the legs.

Meanwhile, I started to work on my bombshell dress. The smallest size of the pattern is 36, which is still too big for me. So I resized it to 96% of the original size and cut size 36. This is one of the advantages of using PDF pattern! The fabric is some purple linen with white floral pattern as I didn’t have any plain fabric.

Bombshell dress - muslin
Bombshell dress – muslin

Bombshell dress - muslin

Bombshell dress - muslin

I think the muslin fits quite well except for the top of the bustline. You can see that I have pinned them with red pins on each side.

Working in my computer, I slash open the upper cup pattern and overlap the top. Naturally this will add more curve to the bottom line of this piece so I should check again if it will affect the overall cup shape.

Upper cup alteration

  1.  Pattern piece.
  2. Slashing the pattern.
  3. Overlapping both sides about 1.4 cm and draw the new bustline.
  4. Altered pattern.
And that is enough fun for today! Do any of you also take this online sewing course?

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