SJ tee and Sandra jeans

SJ tee and Sandra jeans SJ tee and Sandra jeans
These are my newest favorite items of clothing! They were actually finished about a month ago and I’ve been wearing them a lot ever since.

The top was made with the merino wool from the Anima pants winner prize that I got last month. I thought the sewing pattern should come from Papercut Patterns as well, so I bought the SJ tee PDF pattern. I love the instant-ness of PDF pattern but Papercut patterns packagings are so cute so I kinda regret not buying the paper version.

SJ tee is a slouchy fit tee with the option of a long or short fitted raglan sleeve with wide cuff. It has full length and cropped length options and short or long sleeves options. I made size XXS in full length with short sleeves options.

SJ tee and Sandra jeans SJ tee and Sandra jeans

I made petite alteration by shortening the bodice length 2 cm above waist and 1 cm across the raglan lines. This alteration also shortened the neckline so it is not too wide for me.

When finishing the neckline, I cut the neck band about 75% shorter from the neckline. The neck band is attached to the neckline using overlocker, stretched slighly to fit. Then I topstitched from the right side using zigzag stitches set on 0.5 width and 3 on length. The result is a neckline that is not too wide and ‘hugs’ the body.

Elastic as waistband interfacing

The jeans pattern is Sandra narrow leg jeans by Style Arc. This is a classic narrow legs jeans with contoured waistband slightly below waist. Fabric is dark denim with little stretch.

As usual the instructions for Style Arc patterns are pretty brief, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you are familiar with making jeans.

I did an experiment with the waistband by using wide elastic as interfacing. The elastic is attached to the waisband seam allowance using zigzag stitch without being stretched at all.

Then I finished the waistband and topstitched as usual. I believe this adds stability to the waitsband and preventing it from being stretched too fast. You can see that the waistband is slightly wrinkled when not being worn, but smoothed out on my body.

Other alterations are swayback adjustment and lots of leg shortening.


SJ tee and Sandra jeans
SJ tee and Sandra jeans
SJ tee and Sandra jeans SJ tee and Sandra jeans

I’m totally happy with these two! The top is very comfortable and the neckline is just right. I love the sleeves cuff because they keep me from being exposed when I raise my hand to hang on the train handles. Well, in case I forget to shave or something….

The jeans are the the best fit pants that I’ve made so far! Unfortunately I made a slight mistake that I realized too late. Can you guess what it is? I was waiting for the bus and going to put a coin to my coin pocket, but it wasn’t there! Turned out I have stitched the coin pocket to the left side instead of the right. I have thought about taking it off altogether but then decided to keep it there as a reminder for my next jeans making. Or maybe I will take it off anyway because I keep reaching for the non-existent coin pocket….

SJ tee and Sandra jeans SJ tee and Sandra jeans

Top pattern is SJ tee by Papercut Patterns, (PDF) size XXS.
Jeans pattern is Sandra narrow leg jeans by Style Arc, size 6.

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  • Edie

    Awesome fit on both! Especially eager to try your petite modifications to the SJ tee, but not sure I understand how to make the 1 cm adjustment across the raglan lines. Are you folding out the excess on a line perpendicular to the straight grain and are you doing this on both the bodice and sleeve pieces? Yours is definitely the best fitting raglan tee I’ve seen!

    • Yes those were exactly what I did! I always do this to every patterns that I use 🙂

    • Edie

      Thank you, Novita! I have my pattern and fabric and am so ready to give it a try.

  • Meri

    Your jeans are awesome! And they fit so well. I have a question about the Sandra pattern – how straight are the side seams? I’m trying to find a pattern suitable for selvedge denim with minimum modifications.

    • Thank you Meri!
      The side seams are however quite curvy so you have to make lots of modification to straighten it. In one of her posts, Sallie made such modification for a pair of men’s jeans. I’ve been looking to make selvedge jeans for my husband too but not confident enough to alter a regular jeans pattern 🙁

  • Whoa those jeans are awesome! What a great fit!!

  • Love the big cuffs and the fit of your tee! The jeans are great, perfect fit

  • Great outfit! Both the top and the jeans look fantastic but the jeans in particular look so pro!

  • oh, the jeans! they look so good! the fit is amazing on you, and the finishing is so profesionnal! well done!!!

  • These are both great pieces, but the jeans…wow! They look amazing and what a great idea with using elastic as interfacing.

  • Ash P

    I love your alterations on the tee!! I think it looks better than the original pattern to be honest.


  • juliana gago

    great work! those pants are perfect!

  • Wow! The fit of those jeans is amazing! That elastic trick is brilliant! And that tee looks so great too! The fit is much more wearable than the oversize look on the model – you’re actually making me reconsider this pattern.

  • I’m impressed how good look on you, both.
    Specially pants with elastic as interf.seems briliant idea for a perfect fit at waist. Thank you for sharing!
    I’m sure these feel as comfy as pjs wearing! ^_^

  • Mariko Fujinaka

    They are perfect!

  • Wow, these both look so great! Love the idea to use elastic as interfacing- so smart! You are so good at fitting. These are both absolutely perfect!

  • sallieforrer

    That elastic in the waistband is a genius trick!! I love both of these pieces. They are such classics and you did a beautiful job on both. Funny about the coin pocket! That’s totally the kind of thing I would do!

  • Sam

    I love the idea of using elastic as waistband interfacing. I always have trouble with trousers gaping at the back, maybe this would help.

  • Those jeans fit you like a glove! Amazing job! Love the tee too but it’s totally upstaged by the jeans 😉

  • Meigan

    Your jeans are fantastic. Great job!

  • Manju

    Those jeans are amazing.

  • Sophie

    Those are some very good looking jeans. I love it when sewists sew good basics, very inspiring!

  • Robyn Borley

    They look great – I’m thinking about taking the plunge and trying to make jeans so I’ve added that pattern to my list 🙂

  • The jeans look great. Your method with the waistband is interesting.

  • Amy

    These are both great! You look fantastic. And putting elastic in the waistband is a great idea – I’m going to have to try that.

  • Suzy

    That looks like such a stylish and practical outfit. The jeans look better than shop-bought ones.