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Coppélia cardi Coppélia cardi

You might remember these Anima shorts that I made last month, they won the Anima pants competition in the short length category! So happy! I chose the knit pack as the prize and they arrived a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Papercut Patterns!

The Knit pack prize
The Knit pack

The knit pack includes the Coppélia and the Ensis Tee patterns, and 1.6 metres each of three merino wool fabrics. I have never sewed with merino wool before and they are sooo wonderful. They are soft and warm while being thin, and glide easily under the sewing foot. They also dry very fast and has wonderful stretch recovery. So far I’ve used two of the fabrics and this cardi is one of them.

I have been eyeing the Coppélia cardi since I saw it around the blogosphere, so it is just so fortunate that now I have both the pattern and the fabric! This is the cropped version in size XXS, the only pattern alterations made were shortening the bodice and sleeves about 2.5 cm.

All the seams were finished with serger except for topstitching around the bottom hem and the side hole for the ties. The instructions are very clear and straightforward, and they made the sewing process quite fast, I finished this cardi in less than an hour. A note to take was to start stitching to neck band from the center back while pulling it down to one side, then went back to the center back down to the other side. I love that this made the neck band balanced on either side.

Coppélia cardi Coppélia cardi

This is actually a color that I rarely choose, but surprisingly it doesn’t look too bad on me, does it? I love how the cardi hugs my body and that there is no neck gaping. I won’t change anything if I made this the next time, maybe make the full length version but there is no need for further alteration!

Coppélia cardi Coppélia cardi

So far this cardi is the fifth Papercut Patterns that I made (more exactly is the sixth – there’s another one being washed) and I love them all! I never had to make too many alterations and they always look good and easy to wear. Looks like we get along very well. Also, have you seen their newest pattern, the Clover dress?? I’m looking at my stash right now looking for the perfect fabric!

Coppélia cardi Coppélia cardi

Pattern is Coppélia by Papercut Patterns size XXS.
Fabric is merino wool from The Fabric Store.

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