Two batik dresses

I had a bit of irritation in my eyes from contact lenses and doctor told me to give my eyes some rest and not wearing contacts for at least two week. Yaiks! I’m so used to wearing contact lenses that I wear them all day, so I don’t have a proper eyeglasses for my minus 3 eyes. The only eyeglasses I have is not very comfortable and I can’t get a new prescription until my eyes are okay. Oh, well.

Anyway, I still managed to finish these two dresses for the shop. Although I worked slower than usual because my eyes got tired easily. Both dresses are made from Indonesian fabrics that I bought last summer.
Bow tie blue orange dress

This orange and blue one is actually not real batik because the batik pattern is printed, but the fabric is cotton and very comfortable.

As the pattern of the fabric is rich enough, I made it into a simple dress and finished the neckline and armholes with binding strips. When turned around, the dress has a pair of ties in the back, tied into a bow tie.

Bow tie blue orange dress

Bow tie blue orange dress

Blue pom pom brown batik dressThe second dress is made from cotton batik with traditional Javanese pattern called ‘Kawung’, a four-petalled blossom. It is also said that this pattern represents Buddhism’s four cardinal directions. I finished the necklines and armholes with linen polka-dot binding strips, then added blue pom pom trimmings on the neckline and top of pockets.

I really like the result, the blue colour added a bit of surprise to the uniform pattern and brown colour. Happy!

Blue pom pom brown batik dress

Blue pom pom brown batik dress

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  • Beautiful dresses. You could make anything look beautiful though I’m sure. I just found your blog and I’ll be reading it for days to come. Very nice. Found you on SMS

  • Karin

    I just discovered your blog and wanted to compliment you. You make some wonderful dresses!

  • georgeina

    hello – my first visit to your blog from london via burda. enjoying your joy of colour! wish your eyes better

  • agatiszka

    Lovely mummy, lovely boy, lovely blog!!

  • Peter Lynn

    The colors are amazing!
    Take care of them eyes ^_^)v

  • SweetPeaknits

    You truely are amazing! I love both dresses, especially the blue and orange one. Hope your eyes are getting better.

  • duckalicious

    great stuff! + i love the electric blue tights, really cool!

  • vivatveritas

    those are amazing fabrics! im jealous that you were able to get it in indonasia.
    i hope your eyes will get better soon:)