Lesson bag and shoes bag

Second grade!
Second grade!

This is Sidra this morning, about to go to his first day in second grade. I can’t believe how fast time is flying! He was entering first grade not so long time ago and now he’s suddenly a second-grade student.

The school will finish early today, so he didn’t have to bring his randoseru (school bag). I made him those new lesson bag and uwabaki (inside shoes) bag yesterday. The fabric is grey cotton with robot print by Kokka, leftover from Sidra’s robot bag. I made it two years ago when he’s still in kindergarten.

The fabric wasn’t that much, but I added white quilted cotton to make the whole bags. On second thought, maybe white is not the best choice for kid’s bag.  Oh well, we’ll see…. Anyway, the inside of both bags are also lined with quilted cotton to make them stronger. Sidra loves to bring books from school library, and two lesson bags that I made before have big holes on the corner from the books. The bag straps are grey cotton webbing, they’re strong and won’t get twisted like fabric straps. I’ve learned this lesson from those previous lesson bags too.

Today he will have new class, new classmates, and new sensei (teacher). Ganbatte, my baby!

shoes baglesson bag

Lesson bag and shoes bag
Lesson bag and shoes bag

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  • Allison

    Is there a similar tutorial I can make bags? I’m very impressed with your sewing. If you can sew anything, you should become a designer and open a business shop.

  • Janine

    He looks so happy to be starting school. Does he enjoy going?

    I recently found your blog and I have to say, seeing all the fantastic things you make for Sidra makes me want to have a child, just to sew him/her things!

  • Alice

    awesome. i wish i could take room shoes to college! so comfortable!

  • Sidra does look like he’s happy to be going back to school.. did you have a hard time getting him ready this morning?? My girl has been sleeping late during the holidays and the first day back to school is usually the hardest part of my morning.. *sigh*

    My girl’s school will only resume on Thursday, but she will only go for a day..basically to say good bye to her friends and teachers and we’re moving to Kyoto this weekend.. hope the transition will be easy for her.. 🙁

    p/s the bags look cute and sturdy

    • verypurpleperson

      I’d been waking up late during school holiday so the first day back to school is hard for me too! 😀 But the night before I made him promise that he wouldn’t make it hard the next day and he usually wants to keep his promise.

      Good luck with the move to Kyoto! I’ve heard that it’s a pretty city!

  • roe

    everything you’ve made him is absolutely ADORABLE.

    The quilted cotton lining. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at that. Even after making some clothing pieces, I am terrible at sewing straight lines. -sigh

    • verypurpleperson

      Oh no, no, no, I didn’t make the quilted cotton, it was bought like that. Quilted cotton is used a lot in Japan, especially for school needs. So there are a lot of already quilted cotton in stores, in plain colours and in prints, usually cute prints since they are for children. But you’re right, sewing perfectly straight lines is hard! 🙂

  • He certainly looks happy on his first day back at school.

  • I love the bags! (and those shoes!) 🙂

  • Alice

    so cute!!! I have a question to make. I know nothing about japanese culture, I feel baaaaad asking this, but, why do they have to change shoes at school?

    lovely as always, novita.

    • verypurpleperson

      Don’t feel bad! I didn’t understand either when I first came here. But now I think uwabaki (inside shoes) is actually a good idea.
      The shoes are made of canvas with rubber soles, the kids put their regular shoes into lockers and change to uwabaki before entering the school building. That way, all school floors remain clean, dirt from outside is not getting into classes. The rubber soles hardly make noise, so there is no annoying sound of hard soles on the floor.

  • ganbatte, sidra! he’s sure to feel extra-confident with all of his mom-made bags. i checked out his first grade pics, too. so cute!