Chiko-kun, the baby dino

Chiko-kun, the baby dino
Chiko-kun, the baby dino

I woke up with terrible sore throat and headache today. I guess I caught the virus from Sidra, who has been having colds for a couple of days. Despite the cough and runny nose, he’s still very active and happy though, unlike me who who’d rather stay in bed and feel sorry for myself. >_<

We both stayed at home and had some rest today. But then Sidra asked about his dino plush toy that I’ve promised him to finish, so I headed to my sewing room. I began to stuff the dino with some stuffing when I accidentally rip the seam open! Unpicking stitches from knit velour is not a very suitable activities for people with headache, so it only got worse from there. After several failed attempts, I put it in the scrap bag and started a new one.

Fortunately I still have some of the knit velour left, and starting a new one turned out to be easier than fixing the ripped seams. The fabric is plush knit velour from Immertreu etsy shop, and the pattern is from Funky Friends Factory etsy shop. You really can find everything on etsy!

The instructions that came with the pattern was really easy to follow, so I had no difficulty making it, although Sidra kept coming into the sewing room every ten minutes, asking, ‘Has it finished yet?’

Sidra and Chiko-kun

I put plastic pellets inside the fingers and toes, and the rest of the body is filled with fiber stuffing. After attaching the eyes, I finally presented the dino to Sidra and he was very very pleased. ‘I will call him Chiko-kun!’ he said.

He snatched the dino immediately and brought it with him to be ‘introduced’ to his other toys.

I’m so happy! Now I can go back to sleep…. =_=

Chiko-kun Chiko-kun

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