Men’s shirt: second (and wearable) muslin!

I look good in plaids

This is the second muslin with pattern adjustment as described in the previous post. My husband doesn’t like to wear plaid fabric, so there are no plaid patterns in his wardrobe, all solid colors with occasional stripes.

I always think that he would look good in plaids though. So I used this opportunity to make him wear them by making a muslin shirt from madras fabric. I’m very sneaky.

The madras fabric was only 2 meters, just enough for a short sleeves shirt with no pocket. Making shirt in plaids is also an exercise for me in matching lines. I think the  matching lines on front opening and sides are pretty successful.

The fit is definitely better now! No more creases around the shoulders and neckline. The shoulder length seems good to my eye and my husband said that the shirt is comfortable.

“Hey, I actually look good in plaids!” he said. He put on the shirt and began admiring himself in the mirror. After we took these pictures, he wore the shirt to office today. Plaids have won his heart!

I’m very happy that the muslin is totally wearable, but now it’s about time to make the ‘real’ thing!
Men Men Men Men

Men Men

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