Cotton tunics

Cotton tunics

Cotton tunics

These are the cotton tunics that I made last week. I really love the natural colour of the fabric and how comfortable they feel to my skin. The shape of the tunic is very simple, sort of basic item that can be combined with lots of things.

The tunic has round neckline and front opening with fabric loop and button. I use cotton linen binding strips for the loop and neckline. The linen fabric also used as side tab and details on sleeves. Love the result! And don’t they look good together? ^.^
Cotton tunics Cotton tunics

Cotton tunic Cotton tunic Cotton tunic Cotton tunic Cotton tunic Cotton tunic

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  • I’ve been eyeing these for a long time! These tunics are so goregous! If you offered this pattern for sale, I’d snatch it in a heartbeat! Fabulous!

  • Teresa

    Do you recall what pattern you used for these? They’re fabulous…

  • Anonymous

    Que lindo todo lleno de detalles

  • Karin

    They are so cute. And together they are absolute winners. I love the little details!

  • verypurpleperson

    Thank you for all the sweet comments!

    Zit, I make all my projects by myself, really love doing it. I do have a little shop on etsy here:

  • zit…

    i just found your blog and i need to say that it's AMAZING!

    are you doing all these cute things alone? do you sell them? do you have a shop? oh, i want to know everything! 😀

  • Becky

    i adore this tunic. so simple and such beautiful lines.

  • StitchinSista

    Lovely! So pretty, so well made…

  • PuggleTrouble

    They're fantastic!! Love the little tabs, details and binding!

  • Allison

    These tunics are absolutely beautiful! I love their simplicity.

  • Salihan

    They look really good and the little details really make them very cute.