Button-up skirt

Button up skirt Button up skirt

A quick project that I did yesterday. The fabric is called ‘lurik’, a traditional handloom from Central Java, Indonesia, that I bought in our summer vacation. Lurik usually has bold stripes pattern and mostly used for a certain type of male clothing called ‘surjan’ like the one Sidra wore in this picture. The one I have is a a modern interpretation with very subtle darker stripes.

The fabric was sold already cut in 3 m package, but the width is only 90 cm. Since they were quite cheap, I bought them in several colors, green, purple, red, and black with stripes.

Button up skirt Button up skirt

Button up skirt Button up skirt

The pattern is Helena skirt, a free PDF pattern download found in Burdastyle. I was prepared to add seamline on the center back because of the narrow fabric. Fortunately, 90 cm was just about right for the back piece (I use the smallest size). This pattern is quite simple, with only 3 pieces: front, back, and waistband.

The pleats were adjusted a bit to my measurements. Instead of six pleats like the original pattern, I ended up with four deeper pleats. A pair of side pockets were also added.

I don’t have too many separate pieces so the only top I can wear with the skirt is this old grey T-shirt. More reason to sew! Actually I’m still not too sure about the skirt. I think it makes my hip looks huge. Maybe the fabric is a bit too stiff for skirt. Or maybe I need to make it shorter….

Pattern is Helena skirt, Burdastyle free PDF pattern download, size 8. 

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  • Woah this skirt is totally up my alley! Beautiful fabric and buttons! I think the shape of the skirt is great!!!

  • ana

    What a great skirt! I may have to try to make one for myself.

  • Arlene

    Adorable skirt Novita!

  • Bri

    Very cute pattern and such interesting fabric!

  • Beautiful skirt! It looks amazing on you! I love the color and the buttons 🙂 I hope this pattern can be made longer!

  • nalani

    Lovely fabric! And makes quite a handsome skirt.

  • Agostina

    you should definitely shorten it up. I think it would look prettier that way. but it’s still a lovely skirt!! 🙂

  • This fabric is wonderful, I think it really adds that special touch to the skirt!

  • oh this a beautifully simple skirt! I would love to try to make somethin like this for myself. I love pleats. It seems like the link to the Helena SKirt patter might be wrong 🙁
    could I get the link to the pattern please?
    thanks so much!!

    • verypurpleperson

      Ooops sorry, it is fixed now! Thank you for pointing that out 🙂

  • Cantik Sekali! (sorry if the spelling or grammar isn’t quite right…I left Indo about 15 yrs ago!) I really love your skirt and the fabric is lovely (and brings back memories).

    • verypurpleperson

      You write Indonesian perfectly Suzie! Glad that you like the skirt 🙂

  • What a beautiful fabric. It’s a very pretty pattern and it does make your waist look tiny – as others have said. I know what you mean though about the fabric being stiff and thinking your hips look bigger. I’ve had this before too, and it really helped to shorten the hem just a bit above the knee, it helps even out the proportions.

    • verypurpleperson

      I think you’re right about shortening the skirt. It is always hard to find just the perfect length for a skirt!

  • Wow this skirt looks great! I agree with Louise, your hips look smaller and you look beautiful. And thanks for sharing the pattern. 🙂

  • Oh this is so pretty! Similar to Colette Patterns’ Beignet skirt but the pleats add an extra special touch. They add great definition to the silhouette.

    • verypurpleperson

      I agree that it is similar to Beignet! Maybe I should try my hands on that pattern, need more skirts!

  • Sarah

    Hore… pertama! Yes, I think you need to shorten the hemline. And I have similar fabric in maroon. Only it’s not lurik! It’s Japanese cotton and the reason I bought it was because it looks like lurik. *homesick*

  • I can understand why you might be concerned about the hips with the stiffer fabric, but rather than making you hips look big, it actually just makes your waist look tiny. You look beautiful.