Button-up skirt

Button up skirt Button up skirt

A quick project that I did yesterday. The fabric is called ‘lurik’, a traditional handloom from Central Java, Indonesia, that I bought in our this picture. The one I have is a a modern interpretation with very subtle darker stripes.

The fabric was sold already cut in 3 m package, but the width is only 90 cm. Since they were quite cheap, I bought them in several colors, green, purple, red, and black with stripes.

Button up skirt Button up skirt

Button up skirt Button up skirt

The pattern is Helena skirt, a free PDF pattern download found in Burdastyle. I was prepared to add seamline on the center back because of the narrow fabric. Fortunately, 90 cm was just about right for the back piece (I use the smallest size). This pattern is quite simple, with only 3 pieces: front, back, and waistband.

The pleats were adjusted a bit to my measurements. Instead of six pleats like the original pattern, I ended up with four deeper pleats. A pair of side pockets were also added.

I don’t have too many separate pieces so the only top I can wear with the skirt is this old grey T-shirt. More reason to sew! Actually I’m still not too sure about the skirt. I think it makes my hip looks huge. Maybe the fabric is a bit too stiff for skirt. Or maybe I need to make it shorter….

Pattern is Helena skirt, Burdastyle free PDF pattern download, size 8. 

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