Stick bag

Stick bag Stick bag

Sidra and his stick

After finished his swimming school, we promised Sidra that he could start learning martial art, something that he had been asking for sometime.

He didn’t want karate though, fortunately there is an Aikido club at the community centre. Sidra has attended several classes and really loved it there. The teachers are several old men, they are such fun teachers and the kids love them.

Aikido requires little physical strength, as it basically uses the force of the attacker and redirects it, it is good for self-defense. Because of this nature, Aikido doesn’t use weapon. Anyway, one of the teacher also knows Kendo, which uses stick as a weapon, and he teaches some basic kendo technique to the kids.

Sidra got his stick last week, actually the ‘stick’ is just a PVC pipe but he was ecstatic to have his own martial art stick. He asked me to make a bag for the stick.

I googled around looking for images of the bag to familiarize myself with them. Most of the bags has lining with opening on the side, the top part is then folded down and tied. I incorporated all these features to Sidra’s bag and added an adjustable strap so it can be carried easily.

Sidra wants a black bag with skulls design, I used quilting cotton by Riley Blake in black with orange skulls from Fashionable Fabrics. It was one of the prizes of my Spring top last year. The lining is lurik, Indonesian traditional handloom fabric with striped design. I used black cotton twill tape for the ties and cotton webbing with plastic buckles and adjusters for the strap. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with a piece of leather. The white label is fusible label for Sidra to write his name.

It has been a while since I made bags or pouches, and this simple bag is quite a refreshing diversion from garment sewing projects that I’ve been making. Of course the fact that my little customer is satisfied with the bag is even more gratifying!

Stick bag Stick bag

Stick bag Stick bag Stick bag Stick bag

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