KCWC: Broken striped T-shirt

Broken striped T-shirt Broken striped T-shirt

Found a T-shirt in a thrift shop with similar pattern as my broken striped top but in black stripes. I refashioned into a T-shirt for Sidra. The original top is not very big, so I use black jersey from other T-shirt for the sleeves.

The pattern is PDF pattern called Biscuit from Tamanegi Kobo, a Japanese pattern shop. It is quite an interesting pattern because the front looks like ordinary T-shirt while from the back it looks like a raglan sleeves T-shirt.

Broken striped T-shirt Broken striped T-shirt Broken striped T-shirt Broken striped T-shirt

Pattern is  Biscuit from Tamanegi Kobo.

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  • ruth

    thanks for your reply! it helps, im gonna try with a longer stitch length the next time 😉

  • ruth

    hello! i’ve been reading you blog for awhile already and love what you are doing! just a question here i hope you can help me with.

    when you refashion from old tees, doesn’t it become more loose when you cut it?
    i was trying to alter this long sleeved tee shirt i have, but after i cut it and try to “hem” it, i realised it become more loose, making the opening of the sleeve bigger than usual.

    was it because i might have tug too much at it when i was sewing it, or?

    thanks so much for your help! 🙂

    • verypurpleperson

      I guess it might have accidentally stretched out during the process. After I cut the pattern pieces, I make sure that they don’t hang. Usually I fold them carefully and bring them to the sewing table. I don’t use pins while sewing jersey, or sometimes just on the start and finish stitching line, and try not to stretch the fabric too much (longer stitch length might help, my usual stitch setting is zigzag stitch with 0.5-1 on width and 3 on length)
      Sometimes I don’t hem the sleeves or bottom of shirt because jersey don’t fray.
      Hope that helps!

  • Emma

    So clever. I love how you repurpose.