Dinosaur bag tags

Dinosaurs bag tags
Tomorrow is Sidra’s birthday and also his first birthday in Japan. The end of March to the beginning of April is school holiday in Japan, so he will always be celebrating his birthday at home. Fortunately, the moms from his kindergarten class are arranging a picnic tomorrow, I think it’s great because Sidra can spend his birthday with his friends.

I’ve been planning to make something for Sidra’s friends, but as usual I got lazy and keep postponing until the last day. This morning I woke up thinking that I should just buy some cookies and candies for the kids. But then I got this idea to make some bag tags using dinosaur printed fabrics and felts already in my stash. They’re all going to elementary school with their new bags, so bag tags seem like a perfect gifts.

The fabric has dinosaurs in various shapes and colors, so I just cut each of them for each tags. I cut my prototype in oval shape and I found the rounded shape a bit difficult to sew. So I cut the rest in random polygonal shapes, and I like them better that way.

I attached a piece of ribbon on top of the dinosaur fabric and sewed them to colorful felt pieces, and sewed this to felt backings in different colors that I cut using zig-zag scizzors. But before I sewed the felt backings, I cut little pieces of plastic and sewed them to backings so they have little plastic pockets to put name label in.

The whole thing went surprisingly fast. Five hours later, I had 32 colorful bag tags on hand and one ecstatic boy on the side.

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