Camouflage print T-shirt

T-shirt T-shirt

Eiffel thread

Another T-shirt for Sidra, made with cotton knit in muted camouflage pattern. I don’t really like camouflage print, but Sidra asked me to make something for him in this print. I found this fabric in Yuzawaya, Shunjuku. The camouflage print is a bit desaturated, which makes it not as harsh as the original camouflage and actually I kinda like it! It was in the section for babies’ fabric, so the fabric is very soft and comfortable.

I usually use zigzag stitch on my sewing machine for sewing knit fabric, but this time I used straight stitch with special thread. The thread looks like ordinary thread but it has some elasticity in it. This means I can use straight stitch because the stitches are stretchy.

I never heard about this kind of thread before, so I don’t know if it’s available outside Japan. The brand name is ‘Eiffel’ thread, I bought it in Yuzawaya along with the fabric. It was Yoshimi who told me about this thread. Thank you so much, Yoshimi! ^_^

Since the thread is stretchy, the bobbin should be winded up slower to avoid breaking the thread. I practiced on fabric scraps beforehand and decided to use slower speed when sewing the T-shirt. I still use zigzag stitches for shoulder and side seams, while the hem, sleeves and neckline show two rows of straight stitches. They look like coverstitch from the outside, but actually I just topstitched them twice.

T-shirt T-shirt

Unfortunately my little model was not very cooperative for the photoshoot, so I just took a couple of quick snapshots on the stairs before he changed for bed tonight. He’s been wearing it for two days in a row!

P1210646.JPG P1210648.JPG

T-shirt pattern is from クライ・ムキの子供服―Simple+one (別冊家庭画報), with added little pocket.

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