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A day in the mountain backpack tote

A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote

We went to the mountain today, but I didn’t wear my new top because it doesn’t match my new backpack! Actually I prefer carrying a tote bag than a backpack, simply because I never found any backpack style that I like. But I thought I would need my hands free for our walking in the mountain trip, so I made this backpack tote yesterday.

The pattern is ‘A Day in The Park Backpack Tote’ by¬†Liesl + Co. It was offered as a package when I bought the ‘Nature Walk’ pullover and knit pants from Oliver + s for Sidra. The pattern is perfect because the bag can be carried in two ways. The design of the straps and two O rings is very clever. The inside features a zippered pocket and three compartment pockets. The instruction is very clear and easy to follow. I really enjoyed making the bag, and it really came up faster than I thought it would be.

A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote

A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote

A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote

The outer fabric is French linen in yellow with big white flowers, bought in Cottonfield – Kichijoji, and the lining is purple nylon fabric from Echino, both are so very pretty. My only regret is not using sturdy enough interfacing so my bag is slouchier than the design intended to be. Check out this Flickr group to see how this bag is supposed to look! But all my bags are slouchy anyway so I’m kinda used to it. However, I’m planning to make the bag again in sturdier material, maybe with oilcloth fabric like¬†this beautiful bag by Karyn!

Pattern is ‘A Day in The Park Backpack Tote’ from Liesl + Co.

23 Responses to A day in the mountain backpack tote

  1. Patricia Streeter says:

    Cute bag! It’s perfect for this upcoming season.

  2. Tresa Teo says:

    i love your tote backpack <3

  3. Lilly says:

    Beautiful!!!! i love ;)

  4. Chancy says:

    I like the slouchiness of your bag. I think I prefer it that way.

  5. Todd says:

    The backpack turned out wonderfully.

    We’ve gotten several requests for this pattern in the last week or so. Liesl and Co. has taken the pattern out of print, but there are still several copies available at PurlSoho.com (along with hardware kits) if you are interested in purchasing it.

    Use this link to see details:


  6. Kae says:

    Love it!! I’ve been searching for a backpack pattern to make. But when I went on the website, I can’t find it! Help? Thanks!

    • verypurpleperson says:

      It might be out of print, I bought when it was offered with other pattern from Oliver +s. Maybe you can contact them to ask about it :)

  7. mahaila says:

    it turned out great. You chose some nice fabrics too. I love the yellow and purple combination. It is also nice that you can wear it two different ways. I know what you mean about loving the tote, but this one does look good as a backpack.

  8. karyn says:

    i love how yours turned out with that beautiful linen. and i would totally make mine more slouchy like yours next time! :)

    • verypurpleperson says:

      I never thought about this bag before until I saw yours! Thank you for the inspiration, Karyn. I really enjoyed making the bag :)

  9. Emily says:

    I love your bag!!
    I just now went to go search on there website for the pattern and it is no longer available.. Huge BUMMER!! :(

  10. Emily says:

    so cool! I need something like this. I actually love the slouchiness!

  11. janene says:

    ooo… I gave a little gasp when I saw the shot of the pink lining! Just lovely :-)

  12. juanita says:

    Aha….u always bring the creativity :)

  13. Sophia says:

    I love it! So practical and pretty, much nicer than you would find in a shop.

    I’ve been secretly wanting a backpack for sone time, probably leather. Maybe this is incentive for me :)

  14. Katie B. says:

    This bag is GENIUS! I’ve always wanted something like this when carrying around a purse or a tote is just too much hassle. I might have to make one… or two, or three… :D

  15. Trudy Callan says:

    That is a gorgeous bag. Totally love the bright and cheery yellow.

  16. Machteld says:

    i like the yellow fabric, and Love the pink one!

  17. Meaghan says:

    I love the dramatic pink tucked away in the beautifully textured mustard mustard yellow! <3

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