Recycled pants

Papa New pants!

My husband has a couple of pants and jeans who are no longer wearable due to some rips on obvious places. After being worn and washed so many times, the fabric has became soft and comfortable to the touch, unlike stiff brand new denim. I thought they would make good pants for Sidra, after all with his rapid growth, he’s always in continuous need of new pants.

I turned to my precious Pattern Drafting vol. II to find a pants pattern. This 1970 book has a small section on kidswear on the back. I drafted a basic straight pants pattern and then made several changes to it. The waistline is lowered, the legs are slimmed down, and I also made the usual shapes for jeans: hip yokes, slanted front pockets, and back pockets.

Papa Cutting new pattern Reused waistband and button Elastic and button inside

Before cutting the pattern, I saved the zipper, zipper fly, pocket linings, back pockets, belt carriers, and waistband with its button and buttonhole from my husband’s pants. Constructing the new pants was so much fun! I’ve never made jeans before, so I used another jeans to see how I should stitch the pieces together, where to topstitch, etc. Sidra’s pants has elastic with buttonholes so it is adjustable. I saved the elastic from Sidra’s old pants. Nothing is wasted here!

Recycled pants Recycled pants

Love the result! The fit is perfect in my opinion, and the waistband is not too high. And since the fabric has been used and worn, they already have these lovely marks and lines on them.

I made a second pants from my husband’s black denim pants. The original pants has small pocket like most jeans, I reused them on Sidra’s pants. I also reused one of the original back pocket, adding topstitching in the shape of big X. The other back pocket is fake, it is only an outline stitching in the shape of pocket.

Sewing the pants was a bit difficult because the fabric is thicker. I wish my topstitching could be neater, but in the end they look okay. Now I’m waiting for my husband’s favorite corduroy pants to get ripped any time. They look perfect for Sidra’s next pants!

Recycled jeans Recycled jeans

Papa New jeans! Back pocket Reused small pocket

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