All made up and nowhere to go

I should be packing by now because we’re going for summer vacation the day after tomorrow. And I should be folding my dresses neatly to be put in the luggage instead of making a new one. But yeah, I just… can’t… resist…..

But how could you resist this lovely fabric from Kokka? The fabric is called Girly & Bitter, designed by Asuka for Nina’s sewing factory line. It has birds, buttons, scissors, bunnies, stars, candies, mushrooms, girls, basically every pretty things on it.

All made up and nowhere to go

This dress is made without pattern, it’s simply smaller rectangles for bodice and bigger ones for the skirt. I sewed a row of ruffles on top of the bodice and also two pairs of loops so I can put detachable straps on it.

The back of the bodice has several rows of shirring to ensure the fit, and the front has four different buttons. I found those pretty buttons in an equally pretty store called ‘Miyake & Jubilee’ in Kichijoji.
All made up and nowhere to go
All made up and nowhere to go

I can always wear the dress as a tube dress, but I prefer wearing it with these brown straps that I already have. Believe me, if you have an active first-grader boy around, a strapless dress is not a wise choice.
Now I’m going back to packing!

Those identical dresses on the wall are for my shop, which will be updated after we got back from vacation. I should have taken them down before the photo, but they look pretty there.

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  • Rose

    I am in awe. Beautiful. I hope you wore it a lot on vacation.

  • Love this! I would love a tutorial on a dress like this!

  • Cheilita

    you are so stylish! love the dress with the shoes!

  • amyc123456

    I adore your style and i especially love all the fabric you have. I will be going to Japan for summer vacation this Sept and will be staying in Tokyo. What shopping area do you recommend for fabrics? What are the places that is a must see location? Thanks! Have a great vacation!


    wahh uda ada shop yaaa..congrats! i always adore your magic touch.Cute banget deh..

  • jessi_O

    Love it!

  • Lavender La Drôme

    So cute! I need to do some sewing too. Very inspiring. Have a nice vacation!x

  • Karencilla

    those are gorgeous! have a nice vacation.

    hey, i've been using a lot your handbag and everybody loves it!! i tell them about you.

  • nYam


    so cute.

    aku googling, eh nyasar ke blog ini. hi mbak nov 🙂

    naksir baju yang di gantungan itu, tapi lum pede sama kain kotak-kotak. mungkin dress ankaa berikutnya 😀 (mulei buka buku pola)

  • lunatepetal

    what a lovely dress!
    and i LOVE the fabric!!!!

    enjoy your vacation 🙂

  • sushipie

    uh mazing. so sweet and simple! and I agree about strapless dresses and little boys, haha, not a good combination. I'll add skimpy swimsuit tops to that list.


  • Amanda

    It's a very beautiful dress! Love the buttons!

  • Curry

    Lovely, lovely dress! Love the shoes too. Have a wonderful vacation.

  • Tamara

    Oh what a gorgeous dress! I'd love to have an identical one!

  • yoshimi

    Wow, you look SO pretty in the dress, as always! Have a great vacation!