Making identical things

I love making identical things with slight differences between each other. But of course this opportunity doesn’t come very often if I only made things for myself.

Next week I’m going to participate in a local craft market, so I’m kinda busy preparing some things for the day.

This fabric with Matryoshka pattern was bought in Nippori, but I guess they’re pretty famous already and can be found in lots of places. I just sewed a piece of lace on each doll, put linen fabric on the back, slip some grosgrain ribbons, and sewed around the doll shape. Then I sewed random button on each doll. Nice and easy. My friends said they will look good hanging on a Christmas tree. I’ve made thirty and still wanted to make more! But, no, I must stop.Matryoshkas

BindingsI also made some (identical) dresses/tunics for the craft market. They are made with cotton/linen fabrics in natural colour and the shapes are pretty loose to accommodate layering. The differences between each dress are the colours of the bindings and the single button. Finally I can find some use to those abundant random buttons in my stash!

Anyway, these pictures were taken using camera flash and simple bouncer. Usually I avoid using camera flash because it makes the overall lighting uneven and a bit too harsh. Since I only use natural daylight lighting, the weather factor becomes pretty important when taking pictures. Almost all pictures in this blog are taken by myself. I use timer when photographing myself, and only when my son is not around. Otherwise he will want to ‘participate’, as can be seen in the first picture of the Matryoshkas.

Then I found this simple tutorial from site and decided to try it. It only use a piece of white paper/cardboard to bounce the flash light to the ceiling.

I think the results are not too bad, although I still like the natural light better. But this means that I can take pictures in any corner of the house and in any weather condition. Yay!

More pictures soon when they are all finishedl!

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