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Checks pants

Checks pants

A friend took me to a local department store that I’ve never visited, with a little corner for fabric and sewing goods, and I found this fabric cut in 70 cm for only ï¿¥200! Just enough for another pants for Sidra.

Checks pants
The pattern is the same as this pants, with some added length. To add some interests, I use polka dot fabric for facings on waistline, pockets, and hems.

It was a very easy and quick project and I’m quite satisfied with the result!

Pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls.

4 Responses to Checks pants

  1. verypurpleperson says:

    thank you everybody! ^.^

  2. YUZIE AMIR says:

    waduh cantik banger sih.
    so nice !!

  3. melinda says:

    darling! the fabric is perfect and love the pockets.

  4. Karencilla says:

    Sidra is sooo cute! the pants are great! as always novita!!

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