Oversized cardigan

Oversized cardigan Oversized cardigan

Time for some fall sewing! You might recognize the fabric as one of the Merino wool that I got in the Anima pant competition. This is part of the knit pack prize from Papercut and the Fabric Store, a beautiful Merino wool jacquard in raspberry color.

Top50-winner-100Recently this blog was voted as one of the Top 50 Best Bloggers for Sewing Enthusiasts, and I got to choose five Burda patterns. How lucky! The cardigan pattern is one of the five, it is Burda Oversized Cardigan 07/2013 #109A. I don’t use Burda patterns very often so I’m quite happy to have this opportunity to try more of their patterns.

The pattern is not a petite pattern, so I printed the patten at 97% and proceeded to shorten it more about 15 cm. This is one of the things that I love about PDF patterns, I can shrink them and the result is not just a shorter hem but also proportionally smaller armholes and necklines. You have to be careful not to shrink them too much though, maybe not more than 95%.

Burda patterns don’t have seam allowances. I can see that it is a problem to some people but actually I kinda like it because I can see exactly where the stitching lines are. Also, most commercial patterns have 1.5 cm (5/8″) seam allowance while I prefer 1 cm (3/8″), so I usually have to add my own allowance anyway.

Oversized cardigan Oversized cardigan Oversized cardigan Oversized cardigan

The grey bands are leftover from my Ensis tee, I didn’t have much left so there are several seamlines on the bands. The instructions for neckline and front opening finishing is actually using facing, but I finished them using fabric bands, the same way as the hem and sleeves. All seams were finished on overlocker except for the topstitching.

Initially I was not sure if I could pull of an oversized cardigan. I think it looks okay with black top and leggings though. I also tried to wear it belted to see if it looks good. Still not sure what else I can wear it with. The most important thing is that the cardigan is extremely soft and comfy! I wore it all day during wet and grey day yesterday and it was very comfortable. It also dried quickly so I didn’t have to worry about a few splash of rains.

Oversized cardigan Oversized cardigan

If you see me holding an iphone in the pictures, it is because I was experimenting with taking all the pictures using iPhone 6. I installed Cheeez app (free) on two iPhones to make one act as a camera and the other a remote. The problem with this setup was I couldn’t see myself in the display. So I installed Reflector (not free), an airplay receiver, to my Macbook. I placed the iPhone 6 on tripod, connected the Macbook to the iPhone 6 and the Reflector would mirror the phone. In this way I can see myself on the Macbook and use the other phone in my hand to operate the iPhone 6.

Uhm… sorry, I tend to ge carried away with all these apps. And why would I want to do all of these? Actually I just want to do all photo editings on my phone using several apps like TouchRetouch, SnapseedVSCO, and other million apps that I have installed. There are lots of good editing apps for iOS and many of them are free or very cheap (especially compared to Adobe Photoshop!). After editing them, I can just upload the photos directly to my Flickr account and only open my Macbook when I’m ready to type. Now I can edit my photos anywhere! Several minutes after these photos were taken, Shake was wondering as why I was sitting on the bottom of the stairs for so long staring at my phone.

Pattern is Burda Oversized Cardigan 07/2013 #109A, size 36 printed at 97%.

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  • I’ve seen this before and loved it but read it again now and just thinking: this makes me in the mood for fall. Inspiring!

  • The pattern on the wool is just beautiful; subtle and yet distinctive too. The shape of the cardi fits you well. I can seldom figure out what to wear with a couple of my big sweaters so they sit on their shelf looking pretty and feeling soft. Someday my ship of “matching” will dock !~! Happy Weekend.

  • I love this shape on you! It’s so cute!

  • juju calado gago

    you wear it so well! I believe maybe with a white shirt and black jeans or leggings it should work really well too.
    such beautiful wool!
    I love it

  • Lovely cardigan. It is beautiful and looks perfect on you.

    Congrats on being one of the Top 50 Best Bloggers for Sewing Enthusiasts!

  • Carmen A. Coto

    This cardigan is beautiful! And I think it looks great on you, comfy and casual without a belt and more classy with it. Good work!

    • Thank you Carmen! It was such an easy sewing too so I’m glad it worked out well 🙂

  • Congratulations on making the Top 50 Best Bloggers for Sewing Enthusiasts!
    I recently wanted to print a PDF pattern to a reduced scale too, and I had a hard time figuring out how to do this. I finally found some free software that would let me print a PDF to any scale (PDF-XChange Viewer). I’m curious how you printed at 97%. Do you have a different method?

    • I use Brother printer and it can be set to scale printing, lots of printer has this option. And if you use Preview app on Mac to read PDF, you can also set the scaling on the printing preferences.
      Hope that helps!

    • I use Brother printer and it can be set to scale printing, lots of printer has this option. And if you use Preview app on Mac to read PDF, you can also set the scaling on the printing preferences.

      Hope that helps!

  • sallieforrer

    Lovely cardigan! I think how you wore it here is exactly how it should be styled! Love that fabric!

    • Thank you Sallie! I need to make more leggings and tops then! 🙂

  • lisa g

    i love the cardigan! that’s the kind of thing i would throw on every day over anything to stay warm when it’s chilly out. beautiful fabric too, i love the subtle pattern! and i like your photo setup… i hate transferring photos to the computer for editing!

    • Thank you! As a matter of fact, I’m wearing the cardi right now 🙂
      I hate transferring photos too!

  • mokosha

    love the cardigan, and you look so pretty in these pictures!

    • Aww you’re too nice! I just found out that the lighting is great on the stairs 😀

  • Laila

    You look amazing and radiant!

  • so cozy! and the fabric is beautiful! Very interesting to hear about your iphone based setup. I’ve been using a similar one but with a “normal” camera the macbook and the iphone/ipad as a remote and to see myself …

    • That’s very interesting. I used to use SLR camera that a has swivel display so I can see myself. But I’m happy now that I can use iPhone as it is not as big as an SLR camera 😀

  • The fabric is crazy beautiful and I think you picked a really awesome project to use it! ♥