Print mesh bra set

Print mesh bra set
My second self-drafted set! This one is a bra with partial band, or hook-up bra as it is called in Kristina Shin’s ‘Patternmaking for Underwear Design’ book. The panties pattern is also self-drafted using the same book, the same pattern as the ones from my white set.

The fabric is mesh fabric with floral print in muted color, part of a Merckwaerdigh kit. The kit actually comes with stretch lace but I only used the mesh fabric. The cups are lined with tricot mesh while the band is lined with powernet. To keep the delicate look, I don’t use foam lining for this bra.

The bra pattern is drafted using the underwired bra that I drafted previously as a base. I couldn’t be happier with the fit! I’m very satisfied with all the things that I’ve drafted from this book so I want to draft everything!

Print mesh bra set Print mesh bra set
Print mesh bra set

Print mesh bra set

Print mesh bra set Print mesh bra set

Print mesh bra set Print mesh bra set

Print mesh bra set Print mesh bra set

Pattern pieces
Pattern pieces

As I delved more into pattern drafting, I also use this opportunity to learn to use computer software for pattern drafting. In the past I used CorelDraw to draw vectors, but this software is for Windows only. Nowadays I don’t use Windows, so I wanted to learn using Adobe Illustrator.

So far I’ve been having a great time learning Illustrator! I shared some of my learning experiences in my Instagram and everyone have been so kind offering their tips and tricks. Using computer for pattern drafting is so practical. I don’t have to use lots of space with long rulers and pencils around, everything is in the computer and I can do pattern drafting anywhere.

For now I’m only using the 30 days trial version and not thinking about subscribing. The subscription is about USD20/month -maybe not too expensive -, but I can’t justify subscribing since I will only be using it for my own needs.

There are some good and cheaper alternatives to Adobe products though. I’m using Pixelmator as a good Photoshop alternative and recently I found iDraw as an alternative for Illustrator. I’m still learning to use iDraw but so far it is quite promising. I’m about halfway through the Adobe trial period now, so 15 more days of fun!

Patterns are self-drafted.

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  • juju calado gago

    as always, great work!
    lovely mesh.
    thank you for the tips on computer programs.

  • Sandra Julian

    Wow! I love following your adventures into underwear making.

  • Amy

    Gorgeous fabric! I’ve never tried Inkscape but you might want to try that. I can’t imagine drafting without Illustrator now. I do everything on it, and particularly bras because they’re so precise.

    • I hope the alternatives can be as good as Illustrator. It is so easy to use!

  • Oh, such beautiful fabric! It’s really a gorgeous set!

  • Marie Forest

    It’s really nice! Also there is 2 open source software that might be worth looking, Inkscape is a kind of a free version of illustrator, and Gimp is the free version of Photoshop.

  • Naomi

    Great fabric!

  • Another great bra, Novita. Way to go!

  • Jen (NY)

    The mesh without lace makes it look modern, but still romantic. Pretty! Also, thanks for sharing some Adobe alternatives. I can’t justify the cost either and so I’m really interested in checking those out.

  • Really beautiful set. I love the color contrast with the elastics. I’m enjoying all the updates on your bra drafting. It’s fascinating.

  • Sigrid

    What a lovely set you made of this mesh. I bought the same mesh (from another supplier) and still not made it, as I was not sure about using it with or without lace. After seeing your set it will definitely be without.
    As to pattern drafting: I also investigated Adobe illustrator, but the fact it only sells on subscription basis kept me from even trying.

    • The mesh is pretty by itself! The stretch lace is pretty too so it will be made into another set 🙂
      I agree that the subscription base is off-putting especially since I won’t be using it that often 🙁

  • Jolien

    Not familiar with it myself, but Inkscape is another free vector program you could look into. I use Gimp as an alternative for Photoshop. Pretty set by the way, I kinda envy your skills. 😉

    • I’ve heard about Inkscape as well, I should check it out.
      Aww thank you! I’m still and always learning 🙂

  • what a lovely set! the mesh is particularly beautiful! i find pixlr is also a good (and free) altrnative to photoshop, but i’ll go and check pixelmator!

    • Wow pixlr looks good and free too! I will definitely check it out, thank you!
      Pixelmator is not free though, it’s USD29.99 in the appstore.