Linen and foxes jacket

Linen and fox jacket Linen and fox jacket Linen and fox jacket

Sidra has been growing up so fast this year, all his pants are now too short, even the ones that I made four months ago! Knee-length pants are good (temporary) solution for this, but I should be making some full length pants for cooler weather soon. He also has two jackets that he’s been wearing a lot, and they’re both too short now. It’s time for a new jacket!

Linen and fox jacket Linen and fox jacket

The pattern is the same as his old jackets, but in one size larger with added lining and all topstitching details omitted. The pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys & girls, this is one of my favorite pattern book!

The outer fabric is linen tweed from Swany, Kamakura; and the lining fabric is cotton with FLORAfox print by Luzia Pimpinella from Germany. I was browsing etsy when I came upon this fabric in Immertreu etsy shop, and I just had to have it! The package came with this matching ribbon. I noticed the name of the designer on the selvedge, which then I searched on Google. That was how I found her lovely blog and the background story of the lovely print. I love finding the story and the person behind this pretty fabric!

Making the jacket involved a lot of hand-sewing as I don’t want any topstiching details this time. I only bought a half yard of the FLORAfox fabric because I wasn’t sure what I was going to make, so the sleeves of the jacket are not lined. The raw edges are finished with hongkong seams, something that I had really wanted to try. Looks pretty neat, doesn’t it? Incidentally, after I finished this jacket, Kathleen posted this helpful tutorial about hongkong seam on her blog.

Linen and fox jacket Linen and fox jacket Linen and fox jacket Linen and fox jacket

I had a lot of fun constructing this jacket, attaching the pockets, stitching the lining, making the hongkong seams, and handstitching hem and  facings. Making clothes for kids is such a great way of trying out new techniques!

Can’t you see how the same pattern look pretty different as these three jackets?
Three Jackets

Linen and fox jacket

I think sewing for kids is such a luxury. They grow up so fast that the clothes don’t have time to even look worn, and they don’t really care about beautiful clothes.

But there’s something about seeing a well-dressed kid running around happily, oblivious to the beautiful clothes he/she is wearing. While adults tend to behave when they feel that the clothes they’re wearing are too precious, kids just don’t care. They would sit on wet grass in it and smear their little hands on it while eating. Strangely that makes the clothes even more beautiful (Only when I’m feeling poetic, otherwise I will hand him a napkin).

Maybe it’s because we are reminded that the beautiful clothes, just like their young owners, are only temporary things. Sidra that I knew before is no longer here. And Sidra that I know now will soon change and turn into somebody else. All that’s left are just the memories. And a pile of unwearable clothes.

Jacket pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys & girls

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