Fuwawa’s T-shirts

The good thing about having a dog is that you can use all your leftovers to make them some T-shirts. Unless you have a big dog of course….

Fuwawa is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff and although her coat is long, it is also quite thin so she gets cold easily. Wearing clothes is a necessity for her, especially in winter. She is not an active dog though, you can find her sleeping near the heater all day but I noticed that she gets a bit more active when she’s wearing clothes. Just a litle bit though!

Here is some of the clothes that I’ve made for her this year!

PDF patterns by MillaMilla (Japanese store, Etsy store), size M.

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  • Marilyn

    I know how COLD it gets in Japan, Fuwawa is so lucky to have you sew clothes that fit!! Great job!!

  • Aww… Fuwawa looks warm and stylish! Not like me when I’m cold, I just put ALL my clothes on 🙂

  • peaprincessalice

    Oh, how cute she looks! And such lovely things you’ve made. My Jack Russell generates her own heat, as she rarely seems to stop moving, so clothes would be a waste of time. Lucky for you that you have a dog that needs (and likes) clothes!

  • Oh my gosh, she looks so cute! I’m sewing turtlenecks for the pugs today… Peggy barely has any fur, so she gets very cold quite easily!

  • Brandy

    I love the overalls! When my dog lost most of his fur, he needed to wear sweaters when he went outside. It gets a wee bit chilly in Canada.

    • I can’t imagine how chilly it is there! Thankfully your dog has his sweaters 🙂

      • Brandy

        He did eventually grow his fur back. He used to love playing in the snow. It was often deeper than he was tall (Pomeranian). Sadly, he passed this year at 14 years old.

  • Elena

    Your dog isn’t an accessory. It’s aliving animal. Please get yourself a doll. It brings me to tears to see that dog being misused as a toy.

    • she JUST said that her dog gets cold and sometimes needs to wear clothes.

      my dog is the same way. doesn’t mean it’s being treated as an accessory just because the owner is finding cute and safe ways to keep their pet warm…

      • Thank you Kaycee! 🙂

    • Thank you for your concern! Don’t worry, she’s very much loved 🙂

  • Samina

    Oh, he looks so freakin’ adorable in those sweaters!

    • Thank you! They are warm so she’s happy wearing them 🙂

  • Adorable!!

  • Elena Knits

    These are absolutely adorable! I wish my mother’s dog could wear something like this, but the only time I made her a blanket she refused to walk 😀

    • Fuwawa loves wearing clothes but she refused to walk when she’s wearing boots 😀

  • Those are just too adorable! What a lucky doggie 🙂

  • yep … this is the most stylish doggie I’ve ever seen 😀 !

    • You should see other dogs in my neighborhood, dressed in frilly skirts and stylish winter wear! 😀

  • Kyle

    ZOMG Novita! They are amazing! Esp the fuzzy striped shirt!!

    • Thank you! The fuzzy T-shirt is warmer than the other so it gets worn a lot 🙂