Jedediah shorts

Jedediah pants Jedediah pants

As summer is approaching, I’m reminded that my husband has been asking for a new pair of cropped pants since… several summers ago. His favorite pair were made four years ago, and were actually muslin for his jeans so it’s about time for a new pair.
Jedediah pants

Instead of using his much-tweaked jeans pattern, this time I’m using Jedediah pants pattern from Thread Theory, I got it as a part of Parkland Wardrobe Builder package that I bought sometime ago. Jedediah pants are described as “Chino-style trousers updated with a slim, casual fit, back yoke and stylish slash front pockets. These pants include two length options – knee length shorts with rolled cuff and full length trousers. They will wear well in a denim, corduroy or twill with the extra durability of flat fell seams. They could also be made in a lighter cotton or linen when sewn as summer shorts.”

When I made jeans for my husband, I made muslin and altered the pattern a lot to fit him. With this one, I just cut straigt size 32 and surprisingly they fit him quite well. I should have just used this pattern for all his pants!
Jedediah pants Jedediah pants

The pattern is drafted very well with good instructions. But I have made several pants, so I didn’t really rely on the instructions. I noticed that the slash front pockets add a bit of bulk around the hip, so next time I’m going to change them to curved jeans-style pockets. This is my personal preference though. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about this pattern and I’m very satisfied with the result.

This is the second pattern from Thread Theory that I have made with satisfying result. The first one is this Stratchcona Henley T-shirt. Looks like I have found the perfect pattern company that makes basic menswear for my husband!

Jedediah pants Jedediah pants
Making these pants was an exercise for me in making basic, wearable clothing. The fabric is black, the topstitching is black, the button and rivets are black, sooo boring. I was tempted several times to add some red label or other interesting detail but I was perseverant! So glad that I did, now my husband has a perfect basic shorts that he can wear with anything. Maybe I should make a pair of plain black pants for myself too.

Jedediah pants Jedediah pants

That’s his face asking me, ‘Are you taking a picture of me holding this poop bag?’

Pattern is Jedediah pants by Thread Theory, size 32.

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  • These look fantastic! I know you were bored sewing black on black, but they look great!

  • lisa g

    Great pair of Jeds! I’ve made these for my husband a couple times and he loves them.

  • Thread Theory

    Great Dream Theater shirt! That’s Matt’s absolute favorite group of all time! I’m glad that you’re so happy with how the Jeds fit your husband. He suits them very nicely!

  • Love these! I made some for my brother and they also fit him really well.

  • Texan

    Excellent looking pants, very nice fit. Your sewing and details, excellent as always.

  • Vairë Gwîr

    Amazing trousers but what I really want to say after reading this post is… OMG, that’s a Dream Theater t-shirt!!! Way to go, Mr. Verypurpleperson!!! It’s not often that you see allusions to metal bands in sewing blogs. Made my day =)

    • My husband is a fan of them. He went to see their world tour concert last year in Tokyo and bought the T-shirt there 🙂

  • Awesome job, these shorts look fantastic – much better than the ones I made for my husband!

    • I’ve read your post abut the pants and I’m sorry that you were having such troubles! It is so weird because the pants fit my husband quite well. I wish I can understand why it happened!

      • Probably just a combination of the fabric I picked and Luke’s particular body shape. I’ll try again next summer!